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    Welcome to Coffee Break with Krissie!

    I’ve decided to start a new segment for this blog with my really good friend, Krissie. The idea is very simple, and it’s to check out coffee from different local coffee shops. Please remember that we’re not really experts (obviously), but we do drink coffee a lot– actually, we are powered by coffee and are dependent on it, and this is just something that we have been meaning to do for quite some time now. Basically, we will just be filming our coffee dates and be shady and salty together. Cause what are friends for? For the first episode of Coffee Break with Krissie, we shared a bottle of Coffee…

  • By Siyavush Mammadov
    Thoughts & Poetry


    As the lights dimmed in this dance floor, I have come to my senses. I love how tender the touch, the unspoken sensuality, and the swinging feels, but this dance I can dance no more. For as the violins played, I stepped forward and you took two steps back. This playful dance had me chasing and begging, but this dance I can dance no more. For behind you was someone else about to join this dance I used to love so well. And though the music transcends into my skin and into my soul, I’ve nothing but the memory of your gaze and this gaping hole. All this time I…

  • Tatyana Markovtsev.
    Thoughts & Poetry

    On trying to stay away…

    I’m distancing myself from you. From every glance, every smile, every sound of your voice, reassurances, and most importantly, your touch. I want to stay away from it all, knowing too well that, as always, it is a one-sided love affair that has somehow caught me and is slowly encapsulating me. No. Not again. I no longer want to conceal my love for anyone, and love them from the backdrop. No. Not again. So, I’ll say it out loud. I’ll tell you that I love you, constantly, but mean it in the most innocent way. A platonic kind of way. I’ll shower you with small doses of attention and affection,…

  • Drawing by Holden
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    Yours are the eyes that I would not mind being trapped into. Like the hole to Wonderland, I’d creep right in and swirl down the abyss of your nostalgia, your numbness will block all sorts of clues that I’ve been there, seen it all, and tried to kiss it away to no avail. But I would gladly dive in again, a million times if I must, for your windows need cleaning to see I’m out here and in there screaming. I might be going insane, but I know it’s something I’ve been dying to feel again. Sweet toxic love, all pain, no gain, I’ll stay no matter what. I’ll always…

  • painting by Winston Chmielinski
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    The Things I Don’t Tell People

    There are days that I just couldn’t find the will to get out of bed. I guess we all do, although unlike most people it’s never just because I want to get more sleep. There are days wherein I stay in bed for hours staring blankly at the ceiling rethinking and rewinding situations that happened years ago or maybe a few days ago. They danced inside my head as I stare at the cracks, and I would ften I find myself hitting my head with the palm of my hand or squinting my eyes so hard hoping the vivid details would go away. But they never do. There are days…

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    Imagining Things

    It might have been easier if I had said something or just turned and walked away the moment I felt it. But I didn’t. I try imagining what my life would have been like if I had opened my mouth and told him I liked him, but instead, I kept on imagining how empty and even more boring my life would be without him in it. I have known him for a while, it was nothing too grand, nothing too exciting. No ‘sent chills down my spine’ kind of thing. Meeting him was as ordinary as it can be, becoming his friend was a surprise but nothing compared to that…

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    Nowhere Girl Vlogs | Biking at Emerald Ave.

    My good friends Kim/Krissie and Aaron decided to teach me how to ride a bike one Sunday afternoon in Emerald Ave. in Ortigas Center. It was fun though it felt like they forced to teach me just because they wanted to ride a bike themselves. Yes, that’s right. I don’t know how to ride a bike, and yes my dad didn’t teach me as a child. THERE IS SOME MAJOR LAPSE IN MY SKILL SET AND I’M OKAY WITH THAT! LOL Kidding aside, I had so much fun though some kids and Aaron have seen my underwear as I tried my best to pedal. LOL  

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    Nowhere Girl Vlogs | Zomato June FMU

    Last June, I was blessed to be invited to three Zomato foodie meet up. First, was at Coffee Book Cafe in Congressional, and just a few minutes away, at Pitstop Food Park. I was also invited at the best steakhouse in Ortigas: 22 Prime in Discovery Suites. You might already have read about them here in my blog, I just wanted to make a video about them. Bear with me please, I’m new at this vlog thing and I enjoy making videos. Yes, I need a better hobby but for now here’s the FMU montage (or something):  

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    Nowhere Girl Vlogs | Climbing Mt. Paliparan, Tanay, Rizal

    Last June 24th, my work friends and I trekked Mt. Paliparan. We’ve been planning for it for nearly a month, and to be honest, excited though I was, the thought of trekking again after over a year of no rigorous physical activity frightened me. Nonetheless, it was an incomparable and unforgettable experience which I am grateful to have been a part of. To be even more honest, this was the first mountain I reached the peak of. My previous hikes and treks were all side-trips to waterfalls and though there was a waterfall at the end of this particular trail, still I deem it different and much more exhilarating than…