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    It No Longer Matters

    I can close my eyes now and I no longer have to wonder about the age-long sentiment of that old Beatles song… I no longer have to think about why you say goodbye and I say hello. Why you’re always leaving as soon as you come home or why do you even bother to try to stay when you can’t stay long. So many questions unanswered that no longer matters. Yet… As the dawn breaks outside this new house’s windows, of all the things forgotten, only one remains and that is you were, are and will always be a poem this heart spits up in the crack of dawn.

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    Now That Heartaches Are Over

    I haven’t written a line of poetry for months, Not since I found the man I married. I might have written him a poem On a tissue paper from a local cafe… But that too was long ago. Since then, this heart and this pen, Are no longer bursting with pain. I am free of all burdens No trace of heartaches remain. But like all sad alcoholics in the world, I am (some sort of) a poet. Inspired by failed romances, Entranced by missed chances… So where do I begin to write again? How could I write about a love That is pure, unending? When all I knew Was to…

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    I’m a Stay at Home Wife and I’m Fine with That

    I’ve always been a corporate-life-loving type of person. The corporate jungle has been my haven over the last six years or so and though I’ve hit several rocks here and there, I always thought that it was fine. I never imagined myself working from home again at least not full-time. But certain life changes made me choose the life I’m living these days. And to be honest, I’m loving the new life I have. I don’t feel like a soggy piece of bread being dragged from the bowl of eggs and milk to the pan to be turned into toast. I no longer get thoughts that I want to skip…

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    Why Free Dating Sites Are Great

    We live in the time and age where we do practically everything virtually, and this is no phenomenon but I’m pretty sure the internet has been primarily invented for it. But perhaps, the internet is known to everybody as a ground for meeting new people making it one of the most successful methods of dating over the last 20 years or so. I was so curious about it when I was younger, so I tried it too just for the sake of knowing how it is like to meet strangers online in a romantic way that isn’t at all like meeting people on Craigslist. I guess I was just a…

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    Free Man (At Last)

    This is my last entry for my Forgotten Poetries project. This one, unlike my previous entries, is extremely special. I wrote this during the first weeks that my husband and I were going out. This one is for all the poets and sad alcoholics who found redemption.  I’m a free man now I no longer need to take pills Or down bottles to make me feel No numbing, I’m all feeling Which is crazy I know things are just starting You make me high on something I’ve never tried before Feels like I’m floating But my feet feels the shore May God bless this new found home I found in…

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    Last Full Show

    Here is my fourth entry for this month’s Forgotten Poetries project. This piece was written last year, December 19th. Pull your hand away Dry the tears from your eyes Look around, check for signs Before the lights turn on and the world returns to how it used to be before you came along Look around See them all walk out The door But stay where you are We’ll sit here for another hour Just stay right there Don’t reach for my hand, Don’t play with my hair Just sit and watch The movie’s about to start We could have gone home Now we’re in the same old theatre Cold and…

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    New (separate) Lives

    My third entry for this month’s Forgotten Poetries project. This was written last year, November 16th.  I’m running out of reasons To think and talk about you I might just fall to pieces Knowing now you’re gone for good You’re just about every Beatles song that I love Now you lie in the arms of someone else I guess I was hoping we’d still end up in the end But now you’re lost You’ve disappeared into someone else’s life I kept checking my rearview mirror Almost called out loud a random stranger Imagine how my heart leaped thinking he was you I guess I keep forgetting, you’re no longer mine…

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    Old Dreams

    As per my previous post, I’ve started a small blog project about my forgotten poetries, or lines I wrote in my old phone’s notepad. To celebrate my wedding month, here is my second entry, written last November 7th. Stepped out the courthouse in ripped jeans Smiles on our faces as our rings gleamed Funny how vivid dreams could be Just when you think you’ve forgotten Traces of old dreams and memories

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    Not Mine to Keep

    I lost my iPhone a few months back, but I recently opened my iCloud account and found that I have written quite a few lines on my lost phone’s notepad, so I decided to create a small blog project about them. In the next few days, I’ll be posting my forgotten poetries. Allow me to start with this one from last year, December 15th.  He has disappeared into someone else’s life He now has a house, a car A girl he calls his wife Heard he also just had a kid last night He has disappeared into someone else’s life I know, it sucks a lot But it’s not as…

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    Dreams & New Beginnings

    I have long since buried whatever dreams I might have had when I was a lot younger. Over the past few years, I’ve come to the decision that I’ll just live alone in a small cottage surrounded by a vegetable garden, chickens, cats, and a dog while I sip coffee by my window, reading a book, as an age-old record blasts from a cracky record player. But the events that transpired over the past year made me realize a dream bigger than that… I have written about it so many times before thinking that it will never come. But… it finally happened. In that house I dreamed about, where my…