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    I honestly had no idea how I fell asleep the night before but I was sure Ge and I were listening to random Disney songs till we gradually fell into a deep slumber. LOL. But I got up at around 9am after being awakened by the smell of breakfast courtesy of Ge’s baby sister, Tricia. Haven’t had that kind of breakfast in ages and it was really satisfying. Soon after breakfast, we visited their neighbor to whom they introduced me to. We stayed there for sometime just chatting randomly and somehow managed to talk about future adventure trips together. Not long after that it started raining really hard and when…

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    Buntot Palos, Pangil, Laguna

    Credit goes to Ge Ja I have not been anywhere remotely fun in weeks. My life has revolved only both at work and at home. But I have been looking forward to this weekend’s getaway for ages since the Daraitan trek. As far as I know we will be trekking with a lot of people, but a lot has also cancelled on the last minute making our group as small as six people. We decided to call our newly formed group as “(E)X-Men” after realizing that four of our members were ex’s. LOL Funny as it may seem, it didn’t make the trip even a wee bit odd, weird and awkward. It…

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    So I’ve decided to treat myself a little today. My mom took me to the mall where she met with her best friend and they left me there for a couple of hours. Knowing that I’ve too much free time on my hands, I decided to go on a book haul. Thank God for second hand book stores!   I badly needed this and I shall have more of this.

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    Godmom and Best Friend Duties

    This weekend and the start of my week was a total whirlwind in some ways. For one, I had to rush to SM Magnolia (from Antipolo) to see my childhood friend and give her some ’emergency godmommy kit’. It was honestly unplanned so I literally rushed to Gilmore station on a lazy hour. The trip, though unusually long due to traffic, was really worth it. I mean, just look at the picture on the left. Freakin’ adorable! And since it wasn’t planned at all, I had to bid them goodbye but first, we roamed around a bit and grabbed a bite of a yummy pizza cone being sold by HRM…

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    Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal

    WARNING:¬†PHOTO FLOOD AHEAD.¬† My besties and I took yet another trek in Daraitan, Tanay yesterday. It was the roughest trek I’ve been in so far, but it was worth it. We started the trek at about 9:30 AM. The road was muddy, rocky, and slippery. All in all, it was a tough and rough one. But we were able to get through those with smiling faces. We trekked almost until lunch time till we decided to stop for an hour to fill our grumbling tummies. Soon after, we went back on the ‘trail’ to get to one of the caves. And mind you, the way gets even more difficult, I…

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    Visiting Jaycee at Work

    Last Friday was payday so I decided to visit my best friends Jaycee and Gerald at McKinley Hills. I don’t often do this but since I really missed them, I decided to visit Jaycee on her workplace where she’s working her 4pm-2am shift. I knew she was tired and was having some trouble with work so I decided to bring her some Pepero and basically just be there for her. We waited for her until about three in the morning and we headed to our house in Antipolo to get some stuff before we went to Ge’s place and drank till 6:30am. We were all clearly tired and sleepy but…

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    Baby Fair 2015 @ Mega Trade Hall

    I decided to have my brows groomed this morning so I got up and prepped up early. I was about to leave for the terminal when my good friend, Ge asked to meet me at the terminal. We then agreed to go to Megamall together since we’re heading the same way. Once we got there, we went up to the fifth level where we noticed that there was an event at the Mega Trade Hall. It was a baby fair and I was enthralled to see all the cute stuff on display. But I headed for Brow Lounge first to have my brows groomed while Ge went inside the Mega…

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    Going Around Laguna

    This year my goals are pretty simple. I just want to learn how to apply makeup well, continue running (and run several fun runs), eat and most importantly, to travel. Last weekend, I went to Laguna with my best friend, his mom, his sister Tricia and his sister’s friend, Lui. He picked me up at around 3am last Saturday and we went to their house in Baras where we chatted with his family for a while before we finally retired to bed. The next morning, Luigi arrived and we started to prep up. We departed at around 10am and stopped by the¬†Hypermarket in Tanay to gather supplies and well, while…

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    Burot, Batangas

    In the wee hours of Sunday, Jaycee, Gerald, my parents and I headed for the van terminal in Pasay to catch a ride going to Burot, Batangas. My parents decided to give us a lift because it was far but Gerald ended up driving going all the way to Pasay since my mom had a drink or two the night before. LOL. Anyway, once we got there, we immediately found the vans heading for Batangas and call us lucky but we were able to hail a van who didn’t get other passengers along the way. So for the entire three hour long trip, there was just the three of us…