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    When getting a Brazilian Wax…

    In all honesty, I’m a huge fan of Brazilian waxes, well, sugaring to be exact. I’ve been doing it since I was a senior in high school; I was persuaded by my mom to go through it because (as she said) it will make me feel clean and fresh down there. She has never been more right about it. So after years of experience in having my nether areas waxed, I’ve learned a couple of things that I felt the need to share with you guys who are planning to get a brazilian wax for the first time or are new to this hair removal technique. These ‘rituals’ didn’t come…

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    Night Time Skin Routine Every Woman Should Have

    As women, we all know we have to do certain ‘rituals’ before hitting the sack, but seriously? How many of us actually do it? Most of us skip this particular part of the day either due to sheer exhaustion or simply, laziness. And as a boyish lady, I used to ignore this routine until I was 20 where I started to get a really bad acne breakout. Since then, I’ve decided to heed my mother’s warnings and I have actually developed my own night time skin routine that I will now share with everyone. 1. Get those makeup off your face. I understand if you want to wake up pretty…

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    Pinkies: Smooth Silk Long Lip and Eye Pencil

    Not a lot of people know but I am a bit into red lipsticks. Well, okay, maybe a bit too into it that I sometimes have the tendency to splurge on lipsticks alone. My mom, knowing about my budding obsession to cosmetics, recommended this very cheap but handy lip and eye pencil from Pinkies last weekend. I decided to give it a try since it was really inexpensive (under 100php!!!) and the color was really good. My mom actually got a deep purple shade of this lip and eye pencil which she pulled off effortlessly over lunch.The shade I got was PCLP03-ALOHA which is actually a slightly bright red. This…

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    Color Manila Run Blacklight Edition

    My best friends and I decided to join a fun run last weekend, May 16th, in Filinvest Alabang. It’s the annual Color Manila Run but the Blacklight Edition. I wish I could write about it but the experience was a total bliss. And that’s all I can write about it, so I will let these photos tell the entire story. We all finished 6k in under an hour. The after party was a blast, too. I’ve never felt that carefree for a while. It was, indeed, a great night spent with my best friends.

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    March International Giveaway

    I’m glad to announce that I enlisted this blog on a giveaway for the first time. ^_^ In celebration of Lhyzie’s The Rainbow Star (therainbowstar.net) blog’s 4th year anniversary last February 19th, she’s hosting an anniversary giveaway. Special thanks to my fellow blog sisters and fellow collaborators Ayesha (alldolled-up.info), Dhadha (www.classysweets.com), Patty (www.lalalapatricia.com) and Rosemarie (pretty-liars.tk). Here are what’s up for grabs: First prize: Second Prize:   To join, just fill in the requirements from the Raffle Copter below and remember the following: – When you visit the Facebook Page, be sure to like the page also. – Giveaway will start from March 1 – March 31, 2015. – Winners will be announced by April…

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    Moonlace Salon

    I’ve been trying my best to keep my mouth shut about this for weeks but since it opened today, I guess there’s no point in hiding. Yes, my mom and I just opened a new business and this time, it’s a salon and barber shop. It was entirely my mom’s idea to open this salon. I just helped with the logo and soon, I will help in managing it for I have formally and officially resigned from my teaching job. This decision hasn’t been the easiest, for one I love my students so much, however, I feel the need to start giving back in other ways to my mom. I…

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    Baby Fair 2015 @ Mega Trade Hall

    I decided to have my brows groomed this morning so I got up and prepped up early. I was about to leave for the terminal when my good friend, Ge asked to meet me at the terminal. We then agreed to go to Megamall together since we’re heading the same way. Once we got there, we went up to the fifth level where we noticed that there was an event at the Mega Trade Hall. It was a baby fair and I was enthralled to see all the cute stuff on display. But I headed for Brow Lounge first to have my brows groomed while Ge went inside the Mega…

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    All Nighters

    June 6 is a Korean national holiday which means no work-day for us teachers, it also means we have a long weekend ahead and we kicked it off with a blast. My office mates and I had been planning this one for nearly a month and it was a success. What’s great was that it was payday last Thursday. LOL. With me were Brish, Arlien, Liz, Mark, Jaycel and, most unexpectedly, Kevin. We asked Kevin to come with us last Thursday night when he came by the office to pick up his paycheck. We were not really expecting that he’d come with us but he did and we couldn’t be…

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    Red Hair

    It’s really not that new anymore. I’ve been sporting my red hair for nearly two weeks now and though it’s red, it’s not exactly the shade of red that I wanted. I’m planning to apply a brighter shade after a month to get that popping red that I’ve always been dreaming of. Nonetheless, I still love my new hair.

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    Booze, Good Music and an Awesome Friend

    This weekend would have not been the same if you didn’t ask where I was yesterday. I was surprised when you asked me to meet you at McDonald’s but I was also glad you did because I am getting a little bored drinking brandy with my parents and Mike’s parents and singing karaoke with my sisters and his sister. We’ve been doing it practically every week and though I look forward to seeing them, somehow, I feel like going out too and trying to find the company of my old friends.  Luckily, there was you.  You were one of the first few people whom I befriended (or rather befriended me)…