Mia is a twenty-something former ESL teacher who now nitpicks for a living. She’s a professional bathroom singer masquerading as a corporate slave. Speaks a little French and Spanish, but mostly, gibberish.

She’s a corporate tough cookie with the soul of a gypsy.

A frustrated writer, she keeps this blog to track the anxiety and shenanigans brought by the corporate world to a person who romanticizes heart breaks and to document her food escapades and travel adventures. In addition, she loves to write poetry and short stories because anything that consists of multiple chapters is just too big of a commitment. She’s trying her luck on Vlogging these days, too. Oh, and yes, she has a knack for writing in the third-person perspective. (wink)

She’s also a makeup enthusiast and dreams of someday being good enough to make it a part-time gig.

She dreams of living on a small farm surrounded by a couple of cats, chickens, and a dog while she grows a lush vegetable garden but for now, she’s just trying to find the balance between corporate and gypsy life, and trying to live one bottle of beer & wine at a time.


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