Top 6 mistakes in relations. Tips from older women

When we meet someone special, we begin to feel love, care and dream about living together with him. But sometimes, without realizing it, we provoke our lover to leave us. We have interviewed many experienced women and squeezed the main idea from their words and are going to share it with you. We believe that our tips should help young and inexperienced women to avoid typical female mistakes in relationships with a single ladies looking for man.

  1. “I will do it myself”

I myself can write and write about this mistake. Strong and independent women of the 21st century are used to dealing with everything themselves. They carry their suitcases, change wheels in their cars, and can easily substitute a light bulb. And now, when we finally meet the man with whom we want to go through life, we need to discard all independence and let him help. You are a woman, fragile and beautiful, and he is the one who should protect you, help and take care of you. Otherwise, the man feels unnecessary and finds one to which his support is more important.

  • You always mention your ex-boyfriend

Remember, you should forget about all that has been before. One of the woman’s biggest faults in relations is to compare her current boyfriend with her ex one. Your partner should feel that he is the best. Forget that you had someone before, start from scratch and be open to new feelings and experiences.

  • “Do you love me?”

You should never ask a man about love, especially 10 times a day. First of all, he might think that you don’t trust him. Secondly, you may make him think about this question. What if the answer is not what you expect? When you ask him about his feelings, you force him to say that he loves you. Let him say these three significant words only when he wants to say them. Thus you will know that he is sincere with you.

  • You ask him about your marriage

Already on the third date, she was waiting for him to kneel and make her an offer. Then a month passes, the second, but he still does not dare. For her this end with tears, tantrum, and wine with friends. This all took place, because when she was 15 years old, she chose the names of future children, drew a dress and searched for the place for the ceremony. He definitely doesn’t expect this. If you really want to build a long relationship with a guy, forget the phrase “when are we going to marry” and truly enjoy the love.

  • Blah blah blah

Oh yes, it means exactly as the title says! You talk too much! Especially about you, him and your love and feelings. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Some men enjoy when their women talk a lot, but not about those topics. Remember, no lengthy speeches about girlish feelings and all kinds of romantic nonsense. Be merciful with your man!

  • Total control

This is how some annoying and overly caring people behave. Total control is the most common female mistake in relationships with the opposite sex. Frequent calls, thousands of questions, reading his mail will not only not help to be closer to your betrothed, but on the contrary, scare him to hell. Accept that your man is an independent person who wants to be trusted.

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