Six essential relationships advices for women

Pretty often, I meet people who have no idea about the way how they should behave in relations. They are not some lonely souls, most of them have been in relations for many times, but still, they have some misconceptions.  To help people to clear their misconceptions about love and relationships, I started to write this article. So let’s get started!

1. If a man loves you, then nothing can keep him further from you.

This is the one major truth to remember, if your lover truly loves you, then absolutely nothing can stop him from being with you. He will find both time and place for you in his life. But if all you see are his excuses, then it is better to leave this person. So, you both will feel better, because you won’t have false expectations and he won’t have to lie to you.

2. If a man does not want you, then nothing can make him stay with you

I know, you may feel that he is the one for you, and he is the best person you deserve. And because of those false ideas in your head, you will be struggling to keep him around you. Remember, no matter how hard you try, he won’t love you again. You can only turn yourself into a housemaid, who serves him well. But in this case don’t be surprised if he brings a girl to your home and says something like “Hey, it is Helen, she is my new wife. Serve us dinner please.”

3. Let your intuition save you from suffering. Trust and value your own feminine wisdom

Many books are written about this phenomenon. Some women say that it is what drives their lives forward, and some completely deny its existence. We recommend you to stay away from both of those types of women. Your intuition is a very subtle tool. You will prevail if you learn how to use it. Sometimes you just feel that something is wrong with your new lover, and then it turns out that he has a couple of daughters and two-three other girlfriends in different cities.

4. Avoid men who have bred a bunch of children from a bunch of different women

This is obvious because such a man didn’t take responsibility when he made those women pregnant. So why should he treat you differently? He appears to be in constant search of something that is definitely not fidelity and faithfulness. Why on Earth would you need someone like that?

5. Let him have friends separate from you, and have friends separate from him

It is absolutely normal if you both have separate friends. In a better world, couples must have the same friends together. Ideally, you have to be friends with other couples. But, come on, we don’t live in the ideal world. And, thanks to God, we are not restricted as much. The golden rule of relations says that you can have as many friends as you want, but only if you remain faithful to each other.

6. The only soul you can control in a couple is you Forget about controlling your partner, and never let anyone control you. This is another Golden rule of relationships. Remember, love is about freedom, but control kills freedom. Thus, it kills your love. It is very strange, but the more you try to control someone, the more you lose him or her. The same rule applies to your children. Instead of controlling them, you should guide them.

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