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New (separate) Lives

My third entry for this month’s Forgotten Poetries project. This was written last year, November 16th. 
I’m running out of reasons
To think and talk about you
I might just fall to pieces
Knowing now you’re gone for good
You’re just about every Beatles song that I love
Now you lie in the arms of someone else
I guess I was hoping we’d still end up in the end
But now you’re lost
You’ve disappeared into someone else’s life
I kept checking my rearview mirror
Almost called out loud a random stranger
Imagine how my heart leaped thinking he was you
I guess I keep forgetting, you’re no longer mine
You don’t love me like you used to do
All the countless fights we’ve ever had
All the times I wished and said we’re through
I’d take them all back, I’d trade this new life I have found
Just to be with you


A corporate tough cookie with the soul of a gypsy. Professional bathroom singer. Teacher. Poet. A light-eyed dreamer who nitpicks for a living as she waits for redamancy.

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