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All the songs you ever sang to me, all the songs you played for me, and those that we sang together, is all over the airwaves.

This five-hour long trip home sends me in an ocean of nostalgia.

Love song after love song, they played.
Flashbacks of those days and nights flooded my mind, memories that I’d like to turn off, played in a loop.

And when I got home, memories of the nights when you used to call me your wife, haunted me in this dark, empty room, where you could have been still holding me…

Yet, you’re thousand of miles away, probably lying in the arms of your new beau.

It’s been two years since we parted, but why does it feel like it’s the summer of 2014?

A corporate tough cookie with the soul of a gypsy. Professional bathroom singer. Teacher. Poet. A light-eyed dreamer who nitpicks for a living as she waits for redamancy.

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