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Beauty Hacks: Baking Soda

I’m sure that by now practically everyone is aware of the many uses of baking soda apart from being just a part of every baking regimen. But for those who are not yet aware of the magical things you can do with it, here are some of them that you might actually find helpful:

1. It’s an anti-dandruff shampoo.
– Baking soda can be used as a clarifying shampoo since it’s a pretty great absorber of accumulated dirt. If you’ve used every product that strongly promised to remove all the (snow) flakes from your scalp and shoulders, why not give baking soda a try? Instead of using your favorite shampoo, massage an ample amount of baking soda on your scalp instead.

2. It can help heal bites and burns
– Baking soda can actually reduce inflammation and itching since it can balance the skin’s pH level. So if you shaved pretty roughly this morning and nicked a skin, apply a solution of baking soda mixed with warm water on your razor burn, oh and yes, it works the same way with mosquito bites, too!

3. It’s a good (and gentle!) exfoliator and more…
– Mixing baking soda with warm water and making it to a paste can do wonders to your beauty regimen. For one, you may use it to remove black heads from around your nose, use it as a face and body scrub, oh and use it on your nails right before you give yourself a mani!

4. Deo to the rescue
– As you all may (or may not know) baking soda is also good at removing pungent odors in your tupperwares and it’s no different for your skin! So the next time you ran out of deodorant, simply dust baking soda under your arms and you’re good to go!

So before heading to the drugstore for pricey creams and whatnots, check your cupboard first and see if there’s any baking soda left from the last time you’ve made cookies. Not only will it save you time but will definitely save you some bucks!

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