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When getting a Brazilian Wax…

In all honesty, I’m a huge fan of Brazilian waxes, well, sugaring to be exact. I’ve been doing it since I was a senior in high school; I was persuaded by my mom to go through it because (as she said) it will make me feel clean and fresh down there. She has never been more right about it. So after years of experience in having my nether areas waxed, I’ve learned a couple of things that I felt the need to share with you guys who are planning to get a brazilian wax for the first time or are new to this hair removal technique.

These ‘rituals’ didn’t come to me in a day, it took me years before I finally religiously followed them to make it easier (and less painful) for me and my aesthetician. So I hope these things can help you out, too. Let’s get started!

There are a few things that you might want to do (and bring) when getting a brazilian wax to make it less painful as possible.

a) Clean your nether areas with water and feminine wash. Usually, sugaring or waxing salons would have you do it in their restroom, sometimes they even provide you with feminine wash, too. But if you’re not sure about this particular detail, then head on over to the bathroom right before you leave for your wax.

b) If the hair has bushed up down there, consider trimming them first, you’ll thank me for that later and you’re welcome!

c) Pack an extra cotton knicker and wet wipes in the arsenal that is your hand bag.

d) Some people usually pop in Aspirin or Ibuprofen before they get waxed. I’ve done this before and it did make the procedure less painful than before. So if it’s your first time, consider popping in a pill 30 to 45 minutes before your waxing sesh.

e) It will be best if you wear a dress or skirt and cotton underwear when you head on over to get your brazilian wax. This will give your cooch some extra breathing room after having them waxed.

After cleaning your coochies of hair, your aesthetician will wipe the wax residue off your skin and will apply a toner to close your pores. Doing these will lessen your risk for getting an infection, but you’ll have to be extra careful yourself. Here are some things that you must and must not do after having a Brazilian wax.

a) Do not wash the area for at least 6-8 hours. If it can’t be helped and you really have to go, bring out those wet wipes that I asked you to bring. *wink wink* Oh and I hope you’re wearing a clean pair of cotton knickers!

b) Resist the urge to touch the waxed area. I know how it feels to have them free of hair (probably for the first time) but avoid touching them to check how they are unless you’re starting to get an allergic reaction to the wax. If you’ve gone through sugaring, there is very little chance for you to get the said allergic reaction, however, if you did get an allergic reaction, consult your doctor immediately.

c) In case it starts to get itchy down there (which is less likely to happen, but who knows) try your best not to scratch it. Again, as if I’ve not reiterated it enough, bloody infecsh!

Now that you’ve gone through this whole experience you’ll definitely realize how easy it is to clean your nether area especially when you have your period.

A few more things to remember now is that it’s best to have your Brazilian wax a week before and after you’ve had your period; having it a day or two closer will make it more painful because your skin will most likely be on a very sensitive state at this point.

Lastly, do avoid working out right away, as it kind of defies the ‘don’t wash it’ part of the ‘Aftermath’.

That’s it! I hope this article will be of help. =D

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