Thoughts & Poetry

This Same Road

#OneOfThoseNights #MidnightPoetry

Remember how we used to walk 
this same road together?
Side by side
Hand in hand
In the wee hours
Of a weekend dusk
Not more than an hour
After you held me in your arms
Right after we made love.

Remember how the stars
Used to shine down on us?
There were too many of them
Too bright, sometimes
And they lit this same road
Where you used to hold my hand
Where you used to say 
‘I love you’ and call me your ‘wife’

Tonight, the stars are out
But you are nowhere in sight
So I walk this same road alone
With only the memory
Of how you used to love me


A corporate tough cookie with the soul of a gypsy. Professional bathroom singer. Teacher. Poet. A light-eyed dreamer who nitpicks for a living as she waits for redamancy.

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