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How do I express this loneliness that I feel?
I should be happy with him
Glad for having him
But I am not.
How do I express this emptiness I feel?
I know he tries his best
To make things work
But that is just the thing
He is not him.

How do I express this loneliness I feel?
I wanted to try and start again
But no matter how I try
No matter what I tell myself
I could not get the satisfaction
From what he tries to bring

How do I express this loneliness I feel?
We could have done wonders
We seem perfect for each other
The synchronization
The chemistry
It is all there
All given to me
But all these things,
I wish not to take from him
But from the other who first came before him.

But how do I tell him how unhappy I am?
I wanted to depart
And would rather live on my own
Than try to make it work
With someone
I could never have feelings for.

A corporate tough cookie with the soul of a gypsy. Professional bathroom singer. Teacher. Poet. A light-eyed dreamer who nitpicks for a living as she waits for redamancy.

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