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Segunda Mano 2012

I went to the mall with Mac this morning. It’s been nearly two years but we still haven’t watched a movie together in the cinemas so we decided to finally do it today, since we’re kind of getting tired of watching movies on computer screens. Ha-ha! We were planning to watch The Asiong Salonga Story, but the screening schedule is not until 6:30pm, so we opted for another movie instead. We chose to watch Segunda Mano since the trailer seems to be pretty nice, we figured that the movie is great. But that thought was cut short as the movie reached it’s first half-hour. Before we went in the theatre, we bought snacks first from the department store then we had brunch at KFC. We shared one Zinger Fully Loaded Meal, four rice and three bowls of gravy. No other fast food would ever satisfy us than KFC, it’s an all time favorite and no date is complete without it. If it’s not available we opt for McDonald’s, but it will always be our first choice. 🙂

The movie is okay. I can’t say it’s bad, and I can’t say that it’s good either. The plot is pretty predictable, but it’s okay, it’s not like we wasted money or anything; it’s not disappointing as well. We find the movie pretty funny, or perhaps we’re just one of those people who snicker at the most simple things. The actors are convincing, they were great it’s just that the plot is, as I said, predictable that it kind of made the movie a little boring. There are no scenes that would make the audience scream as we have expected, or perhaps we just don’t find it that way either. I guess we’re just used to more horrifying films, or maybe the actress who played the ghost doesn’t look creepy or scary at all. But whatever the movie turned out to be, I could say that we both really had fun watching it.

And yes, believe it or not, it’s actually our first time to watch a movie together in the cinema. It was actually my idea at first, because I find watching movies pretty costly and I have this fear of watching a lame film. That’s why we’ve been watching movies at home, at least we get to choose what movie we want to watch without worrying of the date or year it was shown. I was just being practical ha-ha, but he insisted that we finally do it, and I just can’t refuse when he said that we’re going to watch The Asiong Salonga Story. I’ve been wanting to watch it since they first aired the trailer on TV. We’re still kind of disappointed that we haven’t seen The Asiong Salonga Story, but we promised ourselves that we’ll watch it soon, no matter what it takes. Ha-ha! Nonetheless, we loved what we did today and we will definitely have a go at it again in the future.

I love hanging out with Mac like we both have nothing to do, we kind of miss being bums but we just could not afford to bum around for too long anymore. It’s a great feeling though, being productive, but nothing beats a chill out day with the person you love being with. <3

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