{September 13, 2005}   Experimental Halloween 2005 : Disc 1

001. Manic Depresso - Sykotik Sinfoney
002. Pet Sementary - The Ramones
003. A Story - Violent Femmes
004. Drucula’s Wedding - Outkast
005. Cementary Polka - Tom Waits
006. This Is Halloween - Danny Elfman & Cast
(Nightmare Before Christmas)
007. Every Halloween - Insane Clown Posse
008. Dr. Loomis Speech - Clip from “Halloween”
009. Theme from “Halloween” - John Carpenter
010. Everyday is Halloween - Ministry
011. Witch Doctor - Sha Na Na
012. Monster Mash -
013. Eaten By the Monster of Love - The Sparks
014. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) - David Bowie
015. Nemesis (Extended Mix) - Shriekback
016. No One Live Forever - oingo Boingo
017. I was a Teenage Werewolf - The Cramps
018. Grim Grinning Ghosts - Haunted Mansion
019. Ghost Town (12 Inch Mix) - The Specials
020. Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
021. The Cat is Dead - Danny Elfman


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