{September 13, 2005}   Experimental Halloween 2005 : Disc 3

001. Memphisto - Depeche Mode
002. Mouth (Remix) - Bush
003. Razor Sharp - Collide
004. The Darkest of Us All - Violet Dawning
005. Love is Blind - Suicide Santrum
006. Igao’s Demise - Faith and the Muse
007. Anywhere Out of the World - Dead Can Dance
008. Sibeling - Depeche Mode
009. Bound in Blood (Waltz Lullaby) - Hungry Lucy
010. Haunted - Evanescence
011. Cry Little Sister - Gerard McMann
012. Elgeia - New Order
013. Hellrasier Theme - Coil
014. Boadieca - Enya
015. Burning Skies - Tones on Tail
016. The Host of Serephim - Dead Can Dance
017. The Great Below - Nine Inch Nails


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