{September 12, 2005}   It’s Alive!! Mahhhhhh…

I’m so damn happy with myself it’s down right scary!

After a good year of being a lazy and procrastinating ass over my halloween mix that I have failed on several occasions to finish… I am almost finished!

I’m down to the last 2 cds! 2 cd’s good and done and the other two being tweaked with as we speak. (Track listing coming later….)

I have decided to give them away to co workers for Halloween along with some candy. And I’m going to send the all 4 cd’s to my good friend Andrea who has been waiting for me to get off my ass for a good year now. (Note: My co workers will most likely get the 1 or 2 cd mix instead of all 4.)

I wonder if anyone is going to be holding Halloween Mix swap this year? Hmm, maybe I should hold one.

Anyone interested?


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