{September 09, 2005}   I Heart Audioscrobbler

As if I needed another reason to love audioscrobbler, they changed they’re url to and made it 10 times betters. Better Graphics. Better Design.

Audioscrobbler, for those new to it, is a plugin that attaches itself your iTunes.. Winamp.. and collects info about the music you are playing and then displays it on your profile. This is what is currently on my profile.

And a little gem is the personal radio. If you pay 3 bucks (I paid for only one month) you have your personal hear what you have listening to through your personal radio link on your profile page.

Wanna hear mine? Go to my profile and click on “Personal Radio” and found out, though I can’t be held responsible for any overplaying of Korn or Eminem. I share the computer with my boyfriend and the computer keeps track of everything!


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