{August 23, 2005}   Not Down with the Sickness

To the summer case of flu/colds that have plagued me for weeks,

Okay flu, you have offically over stayed your welcome.

At first you were this beautiful excuse that I used to get out of work early. The constant string of coughing with a face brighter then Rudolph’s christmas nose was a beautiful touch. Spending a whole day in bed, watching “The Forbidden Zone” and “Sin City” in between sleeping was heaven.

But after 3 weeks, I’m sad to say I’m done with you. I’m so over spending every morning with my head in the toilet, spitting up the remaining bits of phelm that just don’t wanna go away. My co-workers are starting to resent me and the flu I have passed on to them and their families.

So please…. Here’s your walking papers. There’s the door… Get lost!

Thanks, Tay


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