Officially an English Teacher

Posted by Mia Venus on Monday, 17-06-2013

I have been meaning to blog about this for more than two weeks now, even let the chance to blog about my best friend’s going away party pass up, but it’s all because I was afraid that I’d jinx it. So I decided to just wait till I get formally accepted and submit the signed contract. I am not that great in keeping secrets for a long period of time, so just imagine how much I have resisted opening my website to restrain myself from blogging. LOL

So yes, I have recently been hired at a local private school as an English teacher for seventh to eleventh year students. I am also assigned to be the library in-charge and the adviser of the school paper. It’s all too overwhelming but I guess I won’t be given such load if God doesn’t know that I can do it, right? And besides, although my employers’ goals are high, they are achievable and will really help in molding the students’ character. It’s a really great school, actually. There are like less than twenty students per class and there is only one class per level; it’s small but it’s system is transformational, and the small population makes nurturing and teaching easier. I really like it here and I love my employer, her presence makes me want to curl up in a ball next to her with a blanky and a mug of hot chocolate on a rainy day. She’s warm and very caring and I can’t imagine anyone beating her sensitivity towards her students and her employees. She’s sort of the dream mother. :)

I have formally started with my new job last Thursday. I didn’t do much then, not until last Friday during the subject orientations have I finally met all of my students. They were all really nice and by the looks of it, every morning is something I can look forward to.

I have to admit though that I’m still getting used with the paper works, but so far nothing is too much pressure nor too hard to do. I have a very great teaching schedule and a lot of free time to work on and cope with the things that I’ve yet finished to do. So far, I am enjoying it and I really pray to God that it will always stay this way. I have never been this contented in my entire life; it’s as if I’m satisfied with everything right now. Sure things go wrong every now and then, both at home and at work either it’s my fault or not, but generally, I’m in a better place right now than I was a couple of months back. I never thought it’s even possible to feel this way ever again but God is so kind to me and He has yet showed me how much He loves and cares for me through all these blessings.

This is an extremely great start for me and I really wish I’d manage to maintain this feeling for a very long time. This is it, I’m already considered as a real teacher and soon I shall be a professional and licensed teacher once I take and pass the licensure examination.

Wish me luck and pray for me every day. Cheers!

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