{August 23, 2005}   Not Down with the Sickness

To the summer case of flu/colds that have plagued me for weeks,

Okay flu, you have offically over stayed your welcome.

At first you were this beautiful excuse that I used to get out of work early. The constant string of coughing with a face brighter then Rudolph’s christmas nose was a beautiful touch. Spending a whole day in bed, watching “The Forbidden Zone” and “Sin City” in between sleeping was heaven.

But after 3 weeks, I’m sad to say I’m done with you. I’m so over spending every morning with my head in the toilet, spitting up the remaining bits of phelm that just don’t wanna go away. My co-workers are starting to resent me and the flu I have passed on to them and their families.

So please…. Here’s your walking papers. There’s the door… Get lost!

Thanks, Tay


{August 23, 2005}   DEPECHE MODE download arrests


A man has been arrested by police in Poland after he allegedly made a DEPECHE MODE single and video available to download from the internet ahead of its official release date.

The track ’Precious’, which is not due to hit the shops until October, was found on a Polish website and the band’s record label – along with industry groups – managed to trace the origins of the files.

Police said that the video was illegally made public after it was accessed from a supposedly secure copy.

Two computers and a number of CDs said to contain copied music were removed by police after they raided an address in Kielce.

According to BBC News, Polish industry group ZPAV and Depeche Mode’s label Mute helped the International Federation Of Phonographic Industries (IFPI) to have the files removed.

If I wait until October to hear the new Depeche Mode CD (especially being the DM crazed fan that I am and all) then the rest of the world can too.

Though, it does kinda freak me out that they were able to do a illegal music raid that fast. Someone out there must have gotten a pretty sweet reward for ratting out a friend, family member etc…


{August 09, 2005}   Talk about Multi Tasking…

So on my night off, I have…

  • Drink my share of Vicks 44 M, to try to kick my cold’s ass and get my voice back.
  • Wash every bit of clothing that was on the floor.
    (A good 5 loads of laundry. I’m praying that the washing machine doesn’t die in the middle of it.)
  • Pick up all the trash off our bedroom.
  • Dusting, cleaning and wiping down all the dirt and grim that room has collected since the spring.

    {August 04, 2005}   I was sooo close.


    All this week I have been calling for Jury Duty and with each day been greeted with a lovely computer generated voice telling that “No, you are not needed for jury duty today. Please call back tomorrow.”

    I thought I was home free until I heard this message today when I called…

    Please call back on Aug.5th @ 12:00 to 12:30 p.m. for further instructions.”

    Wait the holy heck is that? In my experience, you are either called in or you get out of it for that day. I have never seen or heard this before? All I know is that greatly irrates me.

    Note: I never did have to go to Jury Duty. They just make you call them back one last time to comfirm that you indeed finished your week of jury duty call ins. They also wanted me to send back the form the sent me as well.


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