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First thing’s first, people might have found this site was down for weeks, and that was because my main account ( was kind of hacked. I’m just so glad to be hosted where I am hosted right now, at least I my site is on a stable and secure server now. Anyway, my site has been up and running again in the past two weeks but I failed to update, and this, my friends, is because of my internship.

I have 300 hours to fill, and yet I am not even halfway where I’m supposed to be. Blame it all on classes I needed to attend, and the suspension of classes due to bad weather. But despite of this though, I am looking at things positively.

I’m almost done with my thesis, and I’m just so glad that that will be taken out of my responsibilities in just a short span of time. At least by then I only have this internship and my remaining classes to worry about. A lot has surely happened since I last blogged. One is that I started my internship, another is that I’m getting a new eating habit, then I lost a USER friend, thank GOD for that! I earned great and some new friends in return, and lastly, I’m doing quite well in coping up with my responsibilities both at home and at school.

I can barely wait till this is all over. There is nothing I really want to do right now than to graduate on time and get off the leash. I have plans already, and I am pretty sure that I’ll be able to accomplish them right after graduation as I have a great support system coming from my family and my fiance.

Anyway, this is as long as this post could get. I need to go back on editing my manuscript, I’ll try to update every once in a while when I get enough time, and will to do so. Cheers!

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