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A huge part of my internship is my final teaching demonstration, which had to be done once every semester-well, actually only the seniors had to go through with it since it’s mandatory. Well, mine is coming up in a week’s time and I still haven’t finished my learning plan. Well, I had one done a couple of days ago but my cooperating teacher had that replaced. I was really nervous to teach that particular lesson anyway, than the new one I’m currently working on this week so it’s nothing to feel bad about, I’m just glad I didn’t have to do that other lesson anymore.

Anyway, in preparation for my final teaching demo for this semester, my awesome cooperating teacher decided that I teach one of her classes to familiarize myself with the class where I will be having my final demo. Well technically, I know that particular class already since I have substituted for some of their classes and observed them a couple of times before but despite of it, I still feel extremely nervous about having to formally teach them something. I am full of questions right now, like will I pull through? Will they be able to understand or learn anything at all? Stuff like that, and I would be really freaked out if I wasn’t able to facilitate the lesson well.

Tomorrow morning at 7:30 am, I am scheduled to teach the never-ending Subject-Verb Agreement Rules in that particular class and I am really, really, REALLY, nervous about it. For one, I’m not YET an expert in the Subject-Verb Agreement, I still make a couple of mistakes every now and then, take this blog post as an example, and if you find this post really badly written then I am in big trouble tomorrow.

Am I freaking out? YES.

Nothing and no one can seem to ease this anxiety right now. Well, maybe except a little faith. I never doubted that He will help me get through this like He did in my first classroom demonstration a couple of months back, but I just can’t seem to shake off the thought that I’m going to mess up tomorrow. Oh sheesh, I’m rambling. LOL

Anyway, I just wanted to express how nervous I am right now, and oh yeah I hope you like the new theme of the site and the new peace and love logo. I did this to calm myself down this afternoon, it helped a bit and I’m just glad of how this theme turned out. It features Jeremy Hillary Boob Ph.D (yeah, I just had to include the Ph.D thing. LOL ). He’s one of the main characters in the hit Beatles animated movie, Yellow Submarine. In the movie, the song “Nowhere Man” was sung to him, and obviously that particular song was what inspired this blog name, so I thought of including Jeremy in the theme this time. :) Hope you like the new theme as much as I do, and wish me luck on my initial teaching demo tomorrow. Ciao! :)

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