{August 09, 2005}   Talk about Multi Tasking…

So on my night off, I have…

  • Drink my share of Vicks 44 M, to try to kick my cold’s ass and get my voice back.
  • Wash every bit of clothing that was on the floor.
    (A good 5 loads of laundry. I’m praying that the washing machine doesn’t die in the middle of it.)
  • Pick up all the trash off our bedroom.
  • Dusting, cleaning and wiping down all the dirt and grim that room has collected since the spring.

    {August 04, 2005}   I was sooo close.


    All this week I have been calling for Jury Duty and with each day been greeted with a lovely computer generated voice telling that “No, you are not needed for jury duty today. Please call back tomorrow.”

    I thought I was home free until I heard this message today when I called…

    Please call back on Aug.5th @ 12:00 to 12:30 p.m. for further instructions.”

    Wait the holy heck is that? In my experience, you are either called in or you get out of it for that day. I have never seen or heard this before? All I know is that greatly irrates me.

    Note: I never did have to go to Jury Duty. They just make you call them back one last time to comfirm that you indeed finished your week of jury duty call ins. They also wanted me to send back the form the sent me as well.


    {July 31, 2005}   Girl Dies at the hands of her very own CD Mix… More @ 11.

    I have been working hard revamping my neverending project a.k.a “Expertimental Halloween Mix”. I started this idea some time last year. Come up with a great, kick ass halloween themed cd mix to send out to friends for Halloween. Sounds nice enough, but no copies ever got sent. Why?

    The short answer is that this project feels like it will never end for me. I love and adore Halloween and the whole month of October as well. It’s the only time of the year that I feel awesome and god forbid happy. Year after Year, I read blog entry after entry about how people utterly hate Halloween. It’s all about “commercialism”, they say. A night to be stupid and cause trouble. I never saw it that way.

    I grew up in the eighties when the second coming of great horror movies was in full swing and for a dysfunctional little girl who never really fit in with the status quo anyways, it was nirvana. Heaven on earth. To spend one night having no rules. Dressing up or down. To dye your hair pitch or hot neon pink.. To be that witchy vamp without people reading too much into it. And there’s the candy. I used love to go trick and treating just to see the various kinds of candy that my brother and managed that night. We would eat all the good candy first and leave the hard bubble gum and foreign candy in the bottom of the candy bowl.

    I’m 24 now. I can dress, throw halloween parties and go to haunted houses and such, but I like to get others involved. So I make these cd mixes to get others in the Halloweenie mood.

    So for years, I have been collecting a nice amount of Halloween related music. From the classic innocence of novelty of the fifties to the industrial anger of Nine Inch Nails to other wordly quality of Dead Can Dance.

    But the question starts to be with all this music, how is it possible to make a simple one cd mix? It’s damn near impossible. At last count, my halloween cd mix consisted of six cds. Six freakin’ cds?!!


    {July 23, 2005}  

    I’m in love.

    ipod shuffle

    I just bought myself an iPod Shuffle over the weekend and it’s true love. I was able to put all my lovely iTunes that I collected thanks in part from that Pepsi promotion a few months back, to use.


    {July 18, 2005}   Life without the ‘net sucks.

    So after a week, I finally have my internet connection back up and running. It’s been a hellish week to get through. I never fully realized how much I rely on the internet. I use it everyday to check e-mail, check my bank account, listen to my i-Tunes, and visit all my dailes.

    And when I couldn’t do that, I felt like a junkie without their fix.


    {July 05, 2005}  

    So KROQ held their semi annual “Top 106.7 Greatest Bands of All Time” countdown this past 4th of july and I thought that we could use for a meme today.

    Free feel to play along. Just copy, paste the list on to your blog and highlight (or underline or bold .. whatever you’d like to do) all your favorite bands from the list.

    Here’s my list…. (By the way, Green Day was number #1. I have mixed feelings about that, but that is a entry for another time.)

    Green Day
    Depeche Mode
    No Doubt
    Rage Against the Machine
    The Cure
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Beastie Boys
    Bob Marley
    Linkin Park
    Nine Inch Nails
    System of a Down
    The Smashing Pumpkins
    The Clash

    WeezerPearl Jam
    Jane’s Addiction
    The Smiths/Morrissey
    Blink 182
    The Ramones
    Foo Fighters

    The Offspring
    The Killers
    Stone Temple Pilots
    Social Distortion
    Violent Femmes
    The White Stripes

    The Police
    Jimmy Eat World
    Bad Religion
    Duran Duran
    Guns ‘N Roses
    Dave Matthews Band
    Alice in ChainsOingo Boingo
    New Order
    The Strokes
    Billy Idol
    Cypress Hill
    White Zombie/Rob Zombie
    Jack Johnson
    David Bowie
    Marilyn Manson

    The Pixies
    Queens of the Stone Age

    The Sex Pistols
    Sum 41
    Talking Heads
    My Chemical Romance
    Psychedelic Furs

    Limp Bizkit
    Dashboard Confessional
    The B52’s
    The Cult

    Modest Mouse
    The Cars
    The Chemical Brothers
    The Used
    Siousxie and the Banshees
    Hot Hot Heat
    Echo and the Bunnymen

    The Pretenders
    Fatboy Slim
    Franz Ferdinand
    Dead Kennedy’s
    A Perfect Circle
    Tears For Fears
    Velvet Revolver
    Englist Beat
    The Prodigy

    Stone Roses


    {July 02, 2005}   Live 8 with a Reunited Pink Floyd

    Oh my. Look hell has frozen over.
    Pink Floyd performing together for the first time in a looong time... @ Live 8

    Much like last time (Live Aid) London had the much better performances. I mean, come on, a reunited Pink Floyd was the musical “O” I had been waiting for. Roger Waters together once again with David Gillmore’s brillant gutiar was enough to make me weep. This was the first (maybe the last time) that they have played together as orginial “Pink Floyd” since 1981. 24 years of waiting for some people… could you just imagine?

    I couldn’t watch all eight hours of “Live 8″ because well, I had a life. I didn’t get off of work until 8 a.m. and spent a good amount running around town (or rather beginning dragged around town by my father) doing some random stuff. (a.k.a driving slowly insane.)

    I only caught a few performances.

    Kanye West
    Kanye West plays the
    (Pretty good.. I liked the violists with the black painted square over they’re eyes. Reminded me of later Queen videos.)

    Stevie Wonder (A legend, but yet I feel that the crowd wasn’t really in to it. Sad.. really sad. I could done without Rob Thomas though. I quickly changed the channel out of a irrational fear that he’d break into “Smooth”. )

    Pink Floyd. (Lovely, though I could done without some of reverb I heard when Roger Waters sang “Comfortably Numb“. Kinda ruins the whole experience.)

    Paul McCartney with George Michael. (Didn’t see much of them. Sleep started to kick in for me. So….)


    {July 02, 2005}   Some good things in July

    July also seems to be when all my favorite dvds are coming out.

    Dead Like Me - The Complete Second SeasonTales from the Crypt - The First Season


    {July 02, 2005}   Is it October yet?

    I could not believe that this weekend, or rather this Monday was the Fourth of July already or that today was the first of July.

    I had been working so hard with long hours that I had completely forgotten about it. Either that or I was trying not to think about it.

    July is a hellish month for me. It’s days on end of blistering sun and heat that runs striaght into August then September. California’s summers always seem to start late. The weather doesn’t start to heat up ’til the either the beginning or middle of July and doesn’t seem to really ’till Halloween.


    {July 01, 2005}   Soul Crooner Luther Vandross dies @ 54

    Aww, man. This is sad.

    NEW YORK (AFP) - Legendary American soul singer Luther Vandross died at the age of 54, two years after suffering a devastating stroke that left him debilitated for the rest of his life, a hospital spokesman told AFP.

    The Grammy Award-winning musical star died at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Edison, in the eastern US state of New Jersey.

    “At 1:47pm (1747 GMT) at the JFK Medical Center, Luther Vandross had a peaceful passing under the watchful eyes of friends, family and his medical support team,” said hospital spokesman Robert Cavanaugh.

    “Luther Vandross suffered a stroke two years ago which he never fully recovered from. “Luther was deeply touched by all the thoughts and wishes from his fans,” Cavanaugh said.

    My best friend’s mom used to play Luther Vandross in the car everytime she would drive us somewhere. Anywhere. While driving to McDonald’s, we’d hear “The Power of Love”. On the way to mall, we’d hear his re-make to “Endless Love”.

    I asked my friend why she played so much Vandross.. She looked at me and said,”He makes my mom feel good. Sexy. Things she never really feels everyday.”


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