Getting My Reading Habit Back

Classes starts on Monday, and I am definitely not excited about it. For some weird reason I feel like giving up my degree for something that I want, such as creative writing and/or photography. But dropping out is really not part of my life plan right now, even if the thought pops out of my head every once in a while. I can’t give it up now, not when I’m in my senior year already.

Part of the reason why I wanted to drop out of my course and take up another one is the time, energy and purse consuming thesis. Yup, still not done with it, but almost there. My group is currently working on the final editing of our study, and hopefully, before the semester ends we’ll get our hardbound. But thinking about another semester working on it makes me feel uninterested, and less motivated to go back to school. Internship will start this coming semester too, and that is definitely one of the reasons I dread coming back, but I guess I would just have to endure it. Anyway, it’s my last year *hopefully* and I really do hope I get through it-ALIVE! Don’t get me wrong, I love being in school, perhaps it’s just the people and the work load that makes me want to leave it SOONER.

I’m just so glad that I am slowly getting my reading habit back. It’s my way of escaping all the tiresome troubles of this world; reading was, is and will always be my perfect get-away. It has taken me to hundreds of places more than my feet did, met a thousand people of different kind, from different eras, and all I had to do was turn a page. I just find it really compelling. It’s like I’m a totally different person when I read, and also it helps my writing quite a lot. I have been meaning to write short stories again recently, and it’s a good start for me, I guess.

It took me quite a long time to get it back; the interest, the motivation and most especially the time. School has not only been burning my brows, but it has also strained my backbone and deprived me of my freedom to express myself. Perhaps it was my fault too, I don’t really know until now. It might be my way of handling things, and dividing my time to each of the things I needed to get done that I somehow forgot to squeeze in a little freedom, and by freedom I meant doing things that I love without worrying of an incoming deadline of something that’s needed to be done. Sure I get to hang out with my friends every once in a while, but does that really count? For all I know those frequent hang out’s at Moonleaf still includes a huge chunk of schoolwork and family crises talks. I just get to share the strained feeling with a couple of people who feels and/or experiencing the same. It’s a weird thing to do, but I guess that’s the thing about my friends and I, we love to talk about our problems and eventually ending up with a better solution. It is quite productive; it’s not purely chatting about random things over a tall serving of milk tea. But it still is not the time I wanted for myself and my personal interests.

I felt accomplished after I finished reading The Godfather. It took me nearly three months before I got to finish reading it, because of both work and school. As embarrassing as it may seem, the only time I could read it then was when I’m on a bathroom break, imagine that. LOL I miss being able to sit around, sip coffee and just read all day. Glad to have done that again this past week as I wait for the corrections of our thesis. I’m so happy to be slowly getting back my old reading habit without worrying much about deadlines for a while. That time is over though, I have a deadline to catch tomorrow, but I will definitely won’t lose this fiery passion for reading again.

I’m actually doing a great progress right now, I am able to read and almost finish Interview with the Vampire in just a week’s time. My mom bought me the book after my mobile phone broke. I used to read an ebook of it there. I have my mom to thank for for helping and encouraging me to bring back my old habit of reading, although she is the only person who thinks reading is plain boring and considers me nerdy and weird for that matter. But she seemed to know exactly how school was torturing me, so not only did she let me out of my work leash for a while, but also helped to soothe me by buying me a copy of such a great book.

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It is good that you got your reading back. What are you studying? I am also a student. However, I plan on working on my writing as I work on my studies. We will see how that goes.

Love from QuirkyGrandma on 19-06-2012 - 17:02

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