First Week of Internship

Internship started last Monday for my classmates and I, and so far we have observed a total of 17 classes already, 5 of which were substitution. That’s 17 hours off the 300 hours required for this semester; still a long way to go, but it’s a good progress. So far, I am having fun and enjoying the free lectures. I am currently at the wifi area with my good friends Kasandra and Felice. It’s only about 7:20am but we got to school at around 6:30am. We have been required to be here at exactly 7am, as part of our training and this is the first time that I have arrived early. I’ve been late in the past few days because of the bad weather and some transpo issues.

We are flooded with paper works everyday now, and I get sleepy earlier than usual. I used to be still wide awake at 3am, and now at 9pm I already feel droopy. Apparently, my insomnia is cured, that’s a good thing and apart from that my days have become productive compared to the previous years I’ve spent in college. The last time I was this productive was… I have no idea, seriously. I guess I have never been more productive in my life before, even if I was working.

My closet is also being drained of formal tops and slacks. For one thing, I don’t have slacks in my wardrobe and I’ve been wearing the same pencil skirt for nearly a week now. I wash and wear my skirt and I raid my (and my mom’s) closet everyday for casual top. It’s quite hard for a person like me whose closet is stuffed with t-shirts and jeans and very little casual attires. My mom was thinking of getting me new one’s but so far, I’m contented with what I can find from her closet. New teaching uniforms will be arriving soon anyway, I hope.

It’s stressful, but I could say I won’t be having much of a hard time dealing with it, it’s part of my chosen career path anyway. I seemed to love what I am doing as of now, although that might change in a couple of months, but right now I’ll do my best to keep up with everything and graduate on time. :D Will be blogging again soon, I hope. We still have no internet connection at home because of the bad weather. We’re hoping to have it up as soon as possible, as I need it too with my school work. Ciao! :D

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