First Two Days

Classes started on a Tuesday for me.

My first day was rather fun, compared to my expectation. I enjoyed my first subject as it was being taught by the college dean. She’s actually one of my favorite professors, and although she was late due to the fact that she did not know that she had a class at that time (happens to most of the professors all the time on first days), still she managed to walk in and discuss with us an overview of our course. She even gave us our very first homework, which is due in a month’s time. I paired up with my good friend Felice on it and I believe we’ll do well on it. :)

My second class took place right after my first one, and it was also not as worse as I have expected it to be. The professor was new in our department, although we all know him already. I think we have all misjudged him, as most students often do during their first day. But he was nice after all, he was able to put us all at ease; we had quite a long discussion, but not really a class discussion on our subject, but more of in his personal and the overview of our subject. I think it was his way of allowing us get to know him better. My classes ended at 12nn, which I think is great since I won’t have to stay longer in school anymore, unlike the previous semesters wherein I was practically rotting in school. Although I know that will happen again soon since part of my internship would start in a month’s time or two, still I’m thankful to have been given such a schedule.

Today was my second day, obviously, and I only have one subject. Kind of sucks but I still get to go home early. It was a subject that I had to re-take due to the fact that I was not given a grade in it just because I failed to attend the final meeting. And although I approached my professor in that subject a couple of days after the final meeting, still she did not give me a chance, which really sucks because I really have a valid excuse! The same thing happened with my good friend Felice, so we’re like the only seniors in that class. It’s not bad, although we know everything about it already, even the homework that was given, all we had to do now was refer to our old notes, which I swear I will start looking for right now. :P

Despite of that bummer subject today, still I cannot say that I did not enjoy it. I am hoping for another good day tomorrow in my major class, and although I know that it would entail a teaching demonstration by the end of the semester, still I know that I will learn a lot from the professor that will be teaching that particular subject tomorrow. Cheers!

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