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Apparently my initial demo last Wednesday was the the start of my practice teaching, well just a fraction of it not officially since practice teaching is for next semester. So far I have discussed the rules in Subject-Verb Agreement (see previous post) and capitalization. Well, the first lesson didn’t go so well, for some reason I was dead nervous and it was really obvious that I was but when I came back the next day to continue the lesson, I was less nervous and was able to deliver the lesson well compared to the way I did the day before that. So yeah, it’s an achievement for me. :D

My lesson on capitalization is far better than the Subject-Verb Agreement. For one, I was able to discuss it a bit more comprehensively and I was able to answer surprise questions well. I honestly enjoyed every minute of teaching capitalization, and although some of my students have commented that I’m still a bit lax in the classroom, still I know that it’s something I could easily work on later. I mean, I’m a little snobbish so maybe I could put that to good use, right? LOL

My final demo is on Wednesday and although I’m nervous, I feel a bit confident most probably because I have a very helpful and encouraging cooperating teacher to back me up. Right now, I just finished checking a stack of workbooks on Subject-Verb Agreement and I’m happy to say that 14 out of 25 was the lowest score I’ve checked. I’m off to church in a few for worship and training for being a Sunday School teacher. Yes, I’ve decided to take teaching a little seriously this time. This is the profession I have decided to take and I might as well learn to love it. :)

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Sis, what level do you teach?
Good thing you’re really enjoying teaching :> I can see you’ll be a good teacher someday. Don’t let that nervous eat you up, ’cause you can do better without that :D Goodluck sis ♥ :)

Love from Trish on 30-10-2012 - 15:36

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