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A lot of great things happened in my offline life recently, and I couldn’t be more thankful for what I was blessed with. For one, my final teaching demonstration went so well; better than I have expected, actually. I never knew I’d find it again, the will, the passion and the interest to teach. I thought I’ve lost it after being so drained from my internship in the last couple of months, but apparently it just needed to be practiced after all and I think my recent membership in the Sunday School thing in our church is going to do me well. So apart from my successful teaching demo, which was all because of my cooperating teacher ^_^ (yay) , my brother celebrated his 17th birthday, the semester had officially ended and I also went to the senior’s retreat in Baguio City last weekend. Wew! It’s going to be quite a long post. haha!

Final Teaching Demonstration
My final teaching demo was during the first subject in the morning of October 17, Wednesday. As expected, I was dead nervous about it, but knowing for a fact that I have already practiced teaching the lesson previously, I told myself that there really is nothing to be worried about. My topic was the Adventures of Perseus, a story in Greek mythology which I happen to really like. Maybe that was another reason as to why I got a bit confident, my only problem then was if someone asked a question that I cannot answer. But alas! God is really good for the students may have asked a series of questions, but I was able to answer them all.

My discussion went on smoothly, and it turned out really fun as well; I never knew that I could do such thing in front of my people. I was just so relieved that I went through it and found my will to teach again. I really thought I’ve lost it, but apparently it was still there I just got too preoccupied with a lot of things in the last couple of months that I almost forgot what I was in college for in the first place.

Al’s 17th Birthday Celebration
The day after my final teaching demo, my mom picked me up at around lunch time to prep up for my younger brother’s birthday dinner in Eastwood. Once there we ate at Friday’s and had coffee at Starbucks afterwards. Later that evening, we roamed around the old mall and my brother bought a new pedal for his guitar and I bought a new acoustic guitar-well, it was on sale and I needed a new one so I had to buy it. LOL

Hanging out with my younger brother is really fun, I love him so dearly and I miss having him around at home. I really wish we could hang out again soon and make it a monthly routine.

Finals in Humanities 2
The day after my final teaching demo was our finals in our Humanities 2 class. The task given to us was a performance assessment, in which we had to perform any OPM song in front of the class. It was extremely tough at first because we were only given Kundiman’s as choices, but since none of us could really play the guitar or piano that well we were eventually allowed to play modern OPM songs.

My good friend, Felice and I chose to perform “Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko” the Soapdish version, which turned out to be our own version. LOL Here’s a video of how we sounded like. Nothing really remarkable, as you can hear and see in the video, just something we needed to do for our class.

It was really fun; there was, in fact, no need for everyone of us to feel scared about performing in front of the class since we all knew each other well and we all know each other’s capacity, and I think, that was what made it fun and exciting to do.

Senior’s Retreat in Baguio City
The very next morning, all college seniors went on a trip to Baguio City for the annual senior’s spiritual retreat. It was something I was dreading for at first, knowing for a fact that I will be away from home and from my gadgets, but the trip to Baguio changed all that. Suddenly, I don’t feel bad about having to surrender my gadgets later on that day, suddenly I was having fun during the trip, listening to music and looking out the window. The trip itself didn’t even made me feel sick or uncomfortable, it was smooth regardless of the little inconvenience we experienced. Apparently the bus we were on is lacking Freon, thus the air conditioner is a problem. I didn’t mind though… we were able to reach Baguio safe and happy.

During the first day, we left the campus at around 6am, which should have had to be 5am, but due to very inconsiderate people who lacked time management and etiquette, we left an hour late. Anyway, we stopped over at NLEX for breakfast. Felice and I bought ourselves coffee and KFC meals for breakfast. I also bought my lunch there since I didn’t bring my own packed lunch. We had to eat at the bus because of the long lines in the fast food chains; it took all our time, and we were only given 30 minutes. For lunch, we stopped over at Manaoag church. We toured the church and ate at the bus, again and we went straight to Baguio.

Our first evening consisted mainly of orientation, introduction and a mass. For some unknown reason, I felt hyper and excited about the retreat. Perhaps it was because of our very good retreat master, Father Liber Ortega, who does not only discusses fast, but also insist that we rest and eat well. Speaking of food, we were fed really well to the point of being so stuffed. The food was good, although typical, but they have free brewed coffee all throughout the day so that’s really a big plus. LOL

The second day was when the fun really started. We kicked off our mornings with icy cold baths (despite of the hot water) and an inspiring morning praise. Breakfast wasn’t that good for me, since I don’t really eat Longanisa if it’s not Vigan, and I rarely eat sunny side up. So I gave away my sausage and struggled with the egg. The first session was fairly short, yet everyone seemed to have enjoyed it. It was inspiring and at the same time exciting and fun. We were given a creative activity and before proceeding to the sharing, we took our snacks. The sharing was really awesome, despite the presence of an unlikely person in the group in which I belonged. But I didn’t let her ruin it, I just acted normal.

The second day ended with an evening session about Pedro Calungsod and the traditional and ever famous reflection hour in which most of the people in the session hall poured out their emotions. I didn’t cry and I dunno why, really. Perhaps I am not that just vulnerable like everyone else. Afterwards, our chairpersons returned our gadgets and we all went to bed.

The very next day, after eating our breakfast we went on a city tour before going back to Manila. Our first stop was the Strawberry Fields, and although I already know that there wouldn’t be much strawberries since it’s not in season, I still enjoyed shopping for wine and shirts. After that, we went to the PMA. We did not stopped over for long, just enough time to buy some souvenirs and take photos. Our next stop was the Mine’s View Market wherein we bought more souvenirs. I sort of ran short in cash while we were there, but I really didn’t care that much since I already bought what I needed to buy for my mom. LOL Our last stop was the Burnham Park wherein we had our lunch; we are given about two hours before we head home for Manila. My good friends Carla, Felice and I decided to kill time by trying the boating thinggy and roller skating-something I really haven’t done in years and something I have never really succeeded in learning. However, we all made the most out of it and had so much fun.

The trip home was longer, I guess. We arrived in school at exactly 12 midnight, but we didn’t mind. It was a fun-filled experience which I definitely want to do again. :)

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