Brand New Chapter

And definitely a serious one. I am not getting any younger and I have to start thinking about my responsibilities as a person, most specially as a daughter, sister and soon as a wife and mother… although my duties in the family has always been my priority even when I was younger, I know that I have to thrive more, even more now that I have Mike to think about. Usually, I would just treat my siblings out for dinner every week when I get my paycheck and just give them their weekly allowance. I would not think of saving some for myself for my future needs, whatever’s left of my weekly salary I would spend on books, red lipsticks, sunglasses and food. I was at ease of the fact that I would never get a bigger responsibility than that for I have completely given up hope about someday having a family of my own.

Then Mike came, turning my world upside down in an instant. Suddenly, I was thinking of far more important things than what book to buy next. Then I also realized all of a sudden that my baby brother, Patrick, is getting older and that he has increasing needs as well. Which brings us to the matters of work and savings… I started taking work seriously and I am REALLY working on my savings. HAHA! It is funny when I think about it and as I am writing about it now, I couldn’t help but to giggle.

I have savings issue, I have always had and it could be traced back to my elementary days with books and paper dolls. But believe it or not, I am great at saving for things that I love to have, which I consider a good thing because I know that I’m not completely hopeless, I just have to overcome my impulsiveness when it comes to books, cute cupcakes, red lipsticks and expensive sunglasses. It’s not going to be a walk in the park but I believe it’s not that hard as well.

I have to do this not because I just have to but also because I want to. I really do, the year is almost over and I have but a little over than five grand left in my name when I could have had thrice as much by now. I have plans of traveling soon, I have plans of traveling more in the future so I have to double the effort in terms of savings. My income is never the problem, it’s my spending. I love what I do right now, believe me and the paycheck is amazing I guess what I need now is control and constant guidance and reminder. LOL

I am starting another chapter of my life and this time, I want to make it right.

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