Quick Update

I obviously have not updated for a very looong time, and I apologize for that, but I do have a couple of reasons as to why I somewhat neglected blogging and that is my internship and all those things that comes along with it. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but sometimes the work load it brings is just too much. I have recently finished my first classroom demo for this semester and I am just happy that it went way better than I expected it would be. Apart from that, I still have a lot of things to finish and cope up with including other school work which I wish didn’t even exist at all. I am just thankful that some of the teachers let us get away from missing their classes just because we’re graduating students but I still fear that some teachers would surprise us by flunking us. I hope not though, that’s the least thing we need right now with what’s going on and everything.

Anyway, things have also been rough with my personal life lately, I wish I could write about it but apparently no words could ever describe how I felt about what happened. One thing is for sure though, and that is things are getting better. It may not be as good as before but I’m sure that it’s going to get better, with some restrictions and conditions that must be obliged, I must learn to live the most of my life and be happy with what I still have. I think that’s what matters most right now, just have to hold on to what is still there other than to cling to some things that are not even worth worrying about. So far I have learned to listen, keep my mouth shut, and love as if there is no tomorrow.

There are a dozen of reasons as to be happy and stay happy, but there is only one reason I know and that is to move on and all things will follow along with it.

I know I didn’t quite made sense here, but hey, it’s my blog anyway and it’s supposed to contain my most random and senseless thoughts, that is as long as I am not offending someone, right? LOL So cheers, and until my next update! :) God bless everyone!

Day and Night Out

First of all, I would like to apologize to my link buddies for being quite inactive this past week. I kind of got a little too busy with school and other stuff here at home, but now I’m back and I’ll be bloghopping real soon. :)

By the way, I have updated my free wordpress themes page with a theme collection called “Cheesecake”. I made wordpress themes that are inspired by various berry flavors of cheesecakes. This new theme is part of the collection, so head on over to my free wordpress themes page to see and download the other flavors. More will be added soon. :dance:

So anyway, I woke up early this morning since Mac and I have decided to jog (again). It was quite successful compared to the last time, and I must say, I ran better this morning than I ever did during our previous morning jogs. Nothing special to some, but I consider it as a personal achievement. Ha-ha! But of course, I get tired easily after not jogging for practically a whole year, so we brisk walked instead and had “Taho” for breakfast. After that, we roamed around town, by literally taking the long way home. It was fun, I love walking in my rubber shoes; reminds me of the time when I was about seven or eight (or was it nine? LOL) when my brother and I would take long walks on a weekend morning and rent a bike… sadly, I never learned how to ride a bike and I get teased a lot by my friends because of that. It’s so much of a big deal now than I ever thought it would be. Ha-ha!

Moving on, when Mac and I got home, mother asked us to take my younger brother, Daniel, to the mall. He just got out of the hospital yesterday after a week of being confined due to a severe case of pneumonia and he badly wanted to go out, so Mac and I agreed. We took him to his favorite place in the “entire world” which is the arcade, he obviously had fun. Reminds me again of the time when I was about his age, my pops would take me and my other younger brother to the arcade every weekend after a movie and we’d play all afternoon. Just watching Daniel play and have fun makes me really happy on the inside, I feel like an accomplished sister for taking him to the mall without our mom. We had lunch at Mang Inasal, but we had to buy Daniel his all-time favorite meal, which is a Jollibee fried chicken because he wouldn’t eat anything else. After that, we went back to the arcade for another hour or so before we finally decided to go back home. Pictures below xD

Finally, this evening… just when I thought I’d be bumming around all night Mac asked me if I would like to go out with our good friends to the church, he promised to eat at McDonald’s after so I agreed. I’m going to be really honest, I’m not a church person anymore, well at least not a catholic church person. But I gave it a shot again earlier this evening, it wasn’t bad and I guess I kind of missed it but it only left me hungry for more of what the gospel and the homily wanted to convey. I’m not anti-catholic or anything, please don’t get me wrong, I was born and baptized as one but I guess some people, as they grow older, starts to question a lot of things and tends to seek their own solace in terms of religious practices. I’ve been there, and I have found comfort and satisfaction in a Christian church. There’s really not much of a difference, we still all believe in one God, I guess it’s only a matter of worship structure that we differ.

So after the mass, we went to McDonald’s and had fries and drinks. I had coffee, as usual while they had their own choices of drinks. It was really fun hanging out with such a great group of people, they are exactly what Mac and I needed right now, a great company to help us ease the great deal of stress that our family and (my) academics had infested on us recently. Mac and our friends is definitely my comfort zone, and my mom of course, but not all the time do I get to have an alone time with mom so most of the time I am out with Mac and our friends to have a little fun. I would definitely want to do it again next time, and I do hope that when I do I’d be done writing my thesis. LOL

How was everyone’s weekend? :) And, have you seen my latest theme collection? What do you think of the new themes I have for download?


And just when I thought that I’d never get tired of my previous theme-I just can’t help myself from making a new one. T.T But I love this new theme as much as my previous one, it still features John Lennon and the title is a line taken from one of his songs called “Oh Yoko”. It’s probably one of the sweetest and honest songs ever written; I just love his music, and I guess I will never get tired of my Lennon/Beatles craze.

I’m also in the process of creating… or sort of reincarnating an old fan fiction website of mine. I’m still having a hard time thinking of a theme, but the basic contents are already done. It might take me longer than I expected to put the site up. But I’ll make use of the looooong weekend… the long, cold and rainy weekend. *yaaawn* geez curling up in bed is probably the most ideal thing to do right now.

Anyway, I just blogged for updates, I’m still waiting for Mac. He’s out in a birthday party. I might just watch TV while waiting for him to get home. Anyway, if you happen to be a fan fiction writer, or know someone who is one, please, please, please help me build my fan fiction website. I currently need fan fiction writers who would submit their stories in my new (or rather, reincarnated) site. Just drop me a line in the contact page if you’re interested. Cheerios! :)

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