The Walking Dead

BOOKWORM PROJECT UPDATE: Doing good, decided to read The Godfather first after my mom bought me a copy from the bookstore last weekend. So far I reached the fourth chapter of book one. For more updates, visit my goodreads account. ^_^

Due to excessive stress brought by writing my thesis, I decided to give myself at least an hour of leisure time every evening before retiring to bed. I decided I’d watch The Walking Dead series after my fiance told me about it. Well of course I was aware that Star World airs it, but I never really thought that it was good until a couple of days ago when Mac and I were having a random conversation about a Zombie apocalypse. I know, weird stuff to talk about but we find it really cool. ¯(º_o)/¯

So I got hold of a copy of seasons 1 and 2, and now I’m down to episode 10 of season 2. The last two episodes of season two won’t be out in another week, and the week after that so I’m hoping that I’d be able to watch it on Star World then.

I never thought I’d get addicted to watching such series knowing for a fact that I’m scared of a lot of things especially a zombie apocalypse. LOL I was actually discussing the possibilities with my good friend Felice and what I would do if ever those cannibal do-do brains invade the world. I seriously thought of locking myself and my family in our house, and I also thought of having a zombie proof house built in the future and this crazy idea just made my friend and fiancee laugh.

Meh. It makes me paranoid, watching that zombie series, but at the same time I enjoy watching it. If I could just watch the entire second season for a day I would, but that would mean sacrificing my school work. I have a shitload of things to write-literally, and I technically hate writing. I mean seriously, who would ask college students to do a handwritten movie analysis of four movies? I could really use some help with that, perhaps I’d ask Mac to copy it from the computer screen tomorrow. hihihi. :P

Anyway, since it’s the weekend I decided to keep my Saturday free from school work for a while. I actually attended my little cousin’s birthday party earlier today and I fell asleep when we got home. I really needed that extra hours of sleep, I heard people could go insane if they don’t get enough sleep. LOL Le sigh. I really wish that it’s summer already, at least then I know I could have enough time for myself even if I have a Summer class. I also wish for my thesis to be over soon, and by that I mean at least just get through with the implementation of the remedial program that our group developed and of course, get through with our final defense!

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