LICENSED and Rocked Out

board The big news finally came out last Saturday evening, that was November 23. I am now a LICENSED teacher. I couldn’t be more happier and to treat myself, my good friend (and fellow board passer *wink wink*) May and I went to a rock show the following evening in Sucat.

Well, the rock show was actually already a plan even way before the board result came out but knowing that we are licensed professionals made the rock show feel really special.

So anyway, five of the country’s coolest rock bands played. Jejaview started the night with a refreshing sound, it was actually my first time to hear them play but they were really awesome and the band members were really nice and friendly, especially the bassist. (ehem May ehem) haha!

The second band that played was Wilabaliw and if I am not mistaken (and if you don’t know it yet) their bassist is also the bassist of Greyhoundz and their vocalist is from Queso. So yeah, they reek awesomeness! They were followed by Valley of Chrome, the band whom I consider as my teacher in listening to screamo music.

Chicosci came up next and they played longer than the first three bands. Their set was funny and quite hyping but nothing and no one is more hilarious than the guys of Kamikazee who had their first acoustic gig that night. They were amazeballs and comical that even if they were playing longer than they should the crowd still wanted more of them. Oh and yes, we took loads of pictures too! :D

It was another exhilarating experience. I just love being in a rock show, I love hearing the great music reverberating, almost shaking the grounds, I love the playful lights and the crowd who are passionate about the music and the artists.

But nothing feels more exhilarating than knowing that someone is waiting for you to get home after a long night. Le sigh. I hope to be in more rock shows before this year ends…

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Jam 88.3 5th year anniversary

So it’s 30 minutes past midnight… and I just got home from one heck of a night at Eastwood City, QC. It was such a great experience…. the first band (that we saw) playing was Kjwan, and since I have the hots for its lead vocalist, Marc Abaya, I pulled my step sister inside, right beside the stage where I was only a few more inches away from the band. They played three songs, one of which I like the best… and it’s entitled “One Look” It was their last song, and Marc Abaya went down the stage, he looked at the crowd… and you won’t believe what I did and what he did… I waved at him with a smile and he waved back. The next thing I know is that he’s heading towards my direction, and we’re singing the chorus of that particular song together (one look) I was going to take a picture of him walking towards me but my stupid camera’s shutter is too slow, he took my camera and shut it off… yes, he did and he pulled me closer to the stage and he started dancing… well, I danced with him too. My step sister said it was kinda flirty… haha! wow!! I never really expected for that to happen… If you think that was embarassing, then seeing yourself dancing with Marc Abaya on the big screen is more embarassing… yeah, and my mom was at the very back where she could clearly see the big screen. LOL. We were singing the song together…. and yeah, he also winked at me when I decided to go back to my place.Oh… Hell he smelled good even if he’s all sweaty… Aw… *kilig, kilig, kileeeg* Too bad my step sister haven’t caught that on video or even in a photo since I was holding the camera the whole time. And I was too busy dancing with Hot Marc to open up my digi-cam and take a photo.

So anyway, a few good (and a lot of unknown and bad bands) played, and one of my favorite bands was there too… haha, Kamikazee babeh!! Jay, the vocalist, rocked the stage like the way he used to… if you haven’t seen him perform before, here are the things he loves to do:

1. Sing and rock out (DUH!!)
2. Dance, and not just any type of dance, he loves sexy dances… LOL.
3. He removes his shirt and throws it to the crowd…(give away? haha)
4. My most favorite part, he showers bottled water to the crowd.

Another great band was the Ambassadors, and there was this little band.. I’m not sure if you can even call it band… it has the word “goth” in it… I just forgot the first word and it only consists of a model-like singer and an extremely weird guitarist. I really can’t find the proper words to describe them except for the word “weird” “wanna be” and…. yeah… “WEIRD” it’s not the attire nor their type of music, but them… and uhm, the lyrics of their song and the way the girl sings it. I couldn’t help my eye brows raising while they were performing. Well, enough of them let’s talk about Rico Babeh (AGAIN!!!) oh yes he was there and majority of the photos and videos I took was him… I wasn’t able to take our photo like last time since I haven’t seen him backstage, I saw Jun Boy Leonor of The Dawn though and he was kind enough to pose for a picture. He’s really kind, I just can’t take the fact that I went home without seeing the Dawn perform live… well, yeah I haven’t seen Jett Pangan roaming around, I saw his wife at the backstage though, talking to some guy. Yeah, we have to go home right after seeing Rico Babeh perform… I think the Dawn would take the main event… well, obviously they will since they’re like… LEGENDARY… and have influenced a lot of bands throughout the years. I actually feel kinda bad about not seeing the Dawn play live…well, anyway I’ll just find another gig where the Dawn would perform and hopefully, my step-dad and I would watch Jett and the Dawn together haha, yeah he was a sucker for the Dawn when he was in college… and oh yeah, he went to the same university and he was at the same batch as Jett Pangan. Photos from this unforgettable night (for me) can be found on my Photobucket account. I’ll have the videos uploaded on my YouTube account when I get the chance. Tomorrow is shopping day since I got my first salary for this month this afternoon. Yay for me!

Seen lots of typo’s and/or grammatical errors? Sorry about that, I’m too sleepy to check on those. haha! Cheers!

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Rico Blanco on SM Taytay

    Ooooh!! This is one of the most memorable moment for me this first month of 2009. If you’ve been following me on my Friendster blog, you’d know that I’ll see Rico Blanco play live this weekened and that I have tonsillitis too. Well, now it’s Sunday morning and I’m going to blog about what happened yesterday in Rico’s Album tour in SM Taytay. We arrived there at almost ten minutes past four in afternoon, we bought a CD (the usual things to get you inside and a chair to sit in) and a poster came with it. I brought with me my Myx Mag that features Rico Blanco for him to sign… tee hee. So first, we went to McDonald’s to buy something to munch on while waiting. I am very thankful we did because we waited for an hour and a half before Rico finally came out. He was a bit… well totally pissed with the sound system but he moved on anyway and played my favorite songs both from his Rivermaya days and from his new solo album: Your Universe. I took quite a lot of pictures of him while playing, though they’re not in the best quality because of my bloody digital camera.

    So anyway, he played Your Universe in the keyboard (that was present on the stage, obviously.) because of the bugger sound system. I kinda liked it though, that version of Your Universe. Made me sing along with my Rico Mambo Baby! LOL. I got that from my mom, she calls him Rico Baby and I call him Rico Mambo, fuse it all together and what do you get? Rico Mambo, baby! Yup you got that right and apparently he’s Rico Blanco, former Rivermaya front man and now a solo artist and my mom’s future son-in-law, okay that was a joke. I’ll be uploading the photos here on Multiply (and on Friendster and MySpace too) by next week. Why not now? I forgot my USB cable in my box-like dorm in Manila. So… yeah, expect it by Friday night next week or Saturday morning.

    By the way, I’m still sick. My fever has come down, though. Which was a big relief, I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to go to school on Monday, because honestly, I really miss being in school. Despite the fact that there’s a pile of homework and research works to be done, and projects that needed to be finished and submitted on time. Ugh… the pressure of being a senior. But I love it anyway and I’m going to miss my school when I step to college in just a few months.

    Er, I got nothing else to blab about, so I’ll take it from here. Cheerios!

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