Weight Loss Options

Most people I know are desperate to lose weight, especially now that summer has come. Those people I know have considered dieting, exercising and even surgeries! Yep, believe it or not, my good friend has seriously talked to me about a series of surgeries wherein the doctors take out a part of your stomach to make you eat less.

Such surgery is risky, I know and so I made a little research on it to share with my good friend. Upon browsing the net, I have come across a site called My Surgery MD wherein I found a couple of information about the procedure that my friend and I were talking about and found out that it is called “Bariatric Surgery”.

One of the surgeries I found under Bariatric is Gastric Bypass Procedure. This procedure is said to be for extremely obese patients who have found little to no success at all in a weight loss diet. This particular procedure decreases the stomach size of the patients, which then in turn becomes a gateway to successful weight loss.
This procedure also costs around $18,000 to about $30,000 and would depend upon the surgeon who would be performing the procedure and the technique that he or she is going to use.

Another was Gastric Sleeve Surgery, some tend to call it Sleeve Gastrectomy and this particular procedure that costs around $10,000 to $25,000 involves the removal of the large portion of the patient’s stomach.

The last procedure I found is called Lap Band Surgery. This procedure involves a silicone band that would be wrapped around the patient’s stomach to limit the amount of food that they would be eating. This procedure costs around $15, 000 to $20,000.

Just imagine that. My friend’s eyes literally bulged at the tremendous amount.

And although these procedures do have their benefits, still nothing is better than the natural way of trimming down other than proper diet and exercise.

Drawing to a Close

I don’t know whether I should start opening up a bottle of champagne to celebrate or not, but things are pretty much going well with our thesis. We will start with the program implementation really soon, and hopefully after that we’ll get an extra week to chillax before our defense day comes. The only problem is the students’ parents, if they are going to allow their children to participate. Hopefully they’ll cooperate as we really need to get things over with to start working on chapters four and five.

It’s going to be a real chore.

Right now I’m in the middle of thinking whether to take a bath, read The Godfather or watch the last part of The Walking Dead since my class won’t start till 1pm, and since my appointment with our thesis adviser is still three hours away. It’s really nice to take short breaks in between piles of shitloads. I honestly miss bumming around, now I regret the time when I used to whine about not doing anything productive. That’s all I want to do right now, even just for a day…hold on, make that a week. BADLY need a break from all of these things.

I want to go to the beach this summer, hopefully with Mac. But I don’t know whether there is still a possibility of a vacation with how things are turning up, but as they say, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps I’ll see that light pretty soon…

Bookworm Mode

I have been dying to bury my nose in books that I WANT to read for ages now, and it was only the other day that I was able to finally sign up to GoodReads.com and start doing what I actually WANT to do. I seriously am getting tired of scanning ebooks and articles related to my thesis topic, and somehow I felt that I am being deprived of my rights to read what I actually want to read. I eventually stopped reading those terrible things and I honestly haven’t read much of anything recently, just a couple of WordPress tutorials, tweets and text messages.

What I have been doing is just staring blankly at my manuscript file a couple of times a day, and watch as the MS Word cursor blinks at me every few seconds, which apparently is waiting for me to do something about the darn document but I just end up closing it after half an hour of trying to squeeze out something from my brain. It’s a waste of time, that I end up making a new theme for this site just to make my day a little more productive.

So going back to reading, I decided to start reading again to kill time instead of doing random things on the web that apparently leads me nowhere than creating a new theme. It’s a good thing that Mac finally had my PSP fixed, thank heavens for that. It took him ages to do it ha-ha! So I installed Bookr in it earlier this evening, downloaded a couple of PDF ebooks and started reading the first on my “to-read” list.

I got the idea of having my own to-read list from my goodreads account, my goal is to read at least five novels a month and the first book that I have on my list is Love the One You’re With by Emily Griffin. It’s about a woman in a perfect marriage, who runs into a man from her past after eight long years thus igniting a long dormant emotion. The woman then questions herself whether she’s living the life she is meant to live or not. I fell in love with the plot and so I decided to get my bony hands on a copy and so I did. I honestly am too preoccupied with a lot of things the entire evening, one that involves another McDonald’s dinner with my fiance and our friends, that I didn’t get the chance to focus on reading the ebook on my psp. But I did start reading it, and I am actually in it’s second chapter. Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll be able to read a good chunk of it and finish it in a day or two since it’s not really that long.

I was thinking of putting up a book review section in this site but I don’t know where that would lead me in the future. I don’t think I could do it consistently while I’m still studying but I might still give it a shot when I get the chance. I try to do a lot of things that I like right now and I guess a book review section is a huge leap so I will take things slow and do things one at a time. Besides, I have a huge chunk of inevitable “responsibilities” that I have to attend to pfft. Boo! I wish I’d get out of school soon… but I still have a year and a half to go. T.T Oh time machine, when will you ever get invented?

Anyway, here is on my to-read list for the month of February :

  • Love the One You’re With by Emily Griffin
  • The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
  • The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Alison Weir
  • Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

That seems to be a really interesting list if you ask me. ;) Oh and if you have a goodreads account you may follow me goodreads/miavenus ^_^ ciao!

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