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DID YOU KNOW that most of the successful businessmen in the world do not technically have a high IQ? Instead, they possess a high level of EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT in which they use to, not only keep their business together, but also their employees happy, encouraged and successfull as they are.

Think about it, a good and honest tap on someone’s shoulder could make them a better person, and what better way to enjoy their triumph is to be happy for them and not jealous of what they have achieved.

With that, let me share to you what I learned this morning.

I have learned that people compliment you for two things, and it’s just either they’re secured enough to encourage you, or they’re simply jealous of what you have and who you are. Another thing is, being frank would not make you a better person, unless you do it the right way, and the right way is to be objective enough to not hurt a person’s feelings.

You can never say that you’re objective if your heart and mind are filled with nothing but jealousy towards the person. You will just be simply judging, if not ironically complimenting his or her flaws.

So now, I think a hundred times whenever a person encourages or compliments me. And I think you should do the same.

Ask yourself:

Do they do it simply because they’re truthfully happy for me, and wanted me to improve what I already have and/or who I already am?

Or is it the other way around? which is to just gain something from me in return, and/or take advantage of what I can do, only to pass it on as something they did themselves to make them feel secured.

Just some thought to ponder on. :) Happy Sunday to everyone!

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I find writing as amusing as talking.

I personally think that writing is the best way to express myself. Although, I’m not really good with words, still words find their way to catch my attention, inspiring me to write whatever it is that I want. I also think that writing is neither a skill learned nor acquired, I think it’s a gift. A gift which I have to treasure, because honestly, it’s the only tool I have aside from my prayers. Now, I’m not going to rant about religion through writing, but the reason why I write. Because, recently I thought that I lost “contact” with myself by not being able to finish a poem, and a song. I have also realized how poorly I write now than I do before. It is as if I lost interest in writing, and I find it as a really tragic moment in my life, for the reason that I am always equipped with thoughts, no matter how random they are, I could always write them all down. But it seems that I could no longer do that. Perhaps my mind has become too preoccupied with a lot of things that I could no longer find the time to sit down, breathe in and start writing again.

Writing, as I said is a gift, a gift which I have to treasure because its one of my power tools, apart from my prayers. But writing has drifted away from me, and I am not sure if it has left me for good or if it is only because of all the things that have been happening in my life right now that hinders me to stop. Although, I was never good with words, I know that I have the capability to express myself as simple as possible. I love brevity in my writings; I go straight to my point. But despite of that fact, I know that I could at least, at some point, play with words to make songs and poems… but I lost that. I just find it really saddening; I never thought I would get in a point in my life where I would totally lose it.

I wanted to improve, but I guess my “excessive” learning has slowed me from exploring more of what I can do. I tried to force myself to learn how to be a polished writer, but realized that it needs enough experience to be able to be one. I could not gain it in one gulp. Things really do take time to refine. Perhaps I was overexposed at the wrong time; I was given a windfall when it was not supposed to be given to me yet. The sad thing is I was overwhelmed, that I became ambitious, given the opportunity, that I forgot that I still have a long way to go. That I am not YET ready. I already took pride on something I was not yet able to do.

Now here I am, feeling sorry for what I have lost along the way. But I don’t regret being there, in fact, I am thankful I took that path because at least now I know what I am really capable of doing. At least now I know where I stand, and how good it is to be where I am now than to be where I am before, because what I was then caused me so much pain and loss. I lost a couple of friends along with one of my only life investments, which is my will to write and I am trying to gain, if not all, at least just my power tool back. Even if it means that I have to start all over again from scratch, I would gladly do it just to refresh myself of the basics, but now with more improvements, but more humble I would be.

I want to be able to write again. I want to be able to finish songs that do not only revolve in one theme; I want to explore my ability even more, I want to apply what I have learned, I want to improve. I want to be flexible in terms of writing; I want to sharpen my knowledge about certain things so that I will be able to write about them, with more sense. I just want to show my strong personality in my writing, I no longer want to write about things that people tell me to write for them. I am soo tired of people limiting my word count, and changing the topic or voice of my piece just because some people do not want to read about it. Heck, I want to be carefree.

I want to burst like a freshly cut lemon, and smell the spanking new scent of being the same old me with a whole new twist. I just want to write again.

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Mkay, so I’ve stumbled upon a blog earlier this evening and I was kind of enjoying its reviews and tutorials, until I have come across an article written about how the Bible is not a reliable source. The blogger even had a timeline which I did not even read, not because it’s too long, but because I know that the facts the blogger have written are sacrilege. I scanned through the older posts and realized that the blogger was Agnostic. By definition, an Agnostic person is someone who claims that he cannot have true knowledge about the existence of God. To make things short, an Agnostic person does not believe in God, at all.

I don’t usually rant about being a Christian, knowing for a fact that I was baptized a catholic and am only attending Born-again Christian services every Sunday to grasp more insights from the Bible, but with what I have read, I think it’s totally disrespectful to even do that kind of thing, especially in a public domain such as a blog site. I don’t really know the blogger’s purpose on writing that article and posting it for the public to see, although I am aware that a webmaster has all the right to post whatever they want on their websites, BUT given that they watch their content. They should be responsible about the things that they post in the internet, it’s the same as with porn sites and illegal download sites. They are promoting sexual violence and piracy, as to the blog site I was talking about, it promotes hate and sacrilege. A total blaspheme.

I know I am not a perfect person, nor am I following all religious tradition, and I don’t have the right to rant about other people’s business regarding religion. Religion is a choice anyway, but promoting hate against other religion is out of the question, it just proves how unintellectual, disrespectful, shallow and unmoral a person truly is. I don’t really get the point of flaunting your so-called “religion” and maligning other religions, especially blogging about it. I don’t go to church just to show people that I do, and I don’t talk about my religion so that people would think that I am a true Christian, because what I do, say and write would not always make me the person I want other people to think of me. So, does writing articles that defies other religion, and flaunting your being agnostic makes you cooler?

Think again, my dear!

It makes you look bad, especially to those people who did not have a higher level of Theology and Philosophy. So keep your contents reader-worthy if you’re up for traffic, avoid defaming others, and never reason out that it’s a personal site wherein you could post whatever you want. You have put that up in the internet for public viewing in the first place, so be responsible if you don’t like other people doing this to you and your site. :wink:

*forgive the grammatical errors, and spelling if there are any. Not in the mood to edit. Will do it later.*

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When Attraction Dies, We Live in the Lies

I don’t believe that we are living a lie…

I hold on to the memories, those precious little treasures that we shared… the secrets, the stories and the things that we did together. I hold on to us, most importantly, because… I have to, and I have to because I want to.

Don’t think that I am falling out of love, because I am not. I am just going through a lot. The pressure from work, the problems with the publication, and some other personal crisis that I am sure you know of.

I apologize for being too stubborn, impatient and even vulnerable. I don’t really mean it. I don’t really want to hurt you, believe me… If I could do something, anything… to make up for everything, I would. But I can’t… I’m chained, as you know. Bound up to something for so long. I can’t break free, even if I want to, believe me I want to so that I could be with you. But I just can’t, although, I know someday I will be set free. I know you know what and who I am talking about.

I no longer want to apologize, it’s enough to apologize and explain once, because I’m tired of apologizing and doing the same thing again. It just does not make sense to me…

But I love you… would that be enough to make you stay?

if loving you is all I know don’t leave me in the cold, without you it’s not better without you nothing matters, nothing matters…

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God’s Will…

This morning my mom and I were talking about my eighteenth birthday celebration. We have agreed on a simple dinner party instead of a grand cotillion since we lack of budget. I was not disappointed or anything, I actually liked the idea since I am not much of a party lover. So I announced the news on Facebook by making a note and tagging my friends on it. But this afternoon, my aunts and my grandmother came to visit and they happen to talk about my upcoming eighteenth birthday and guess what? They volunteered to organize a party! :D

From what happened today, I have seen before my eyes how God worked through the people that surrounds me. He used them to organize the party that my mother have always wanted me to have on my eighteenth birthday. So you could just imagine the joy and relief that my mom feels right now. I am so thankful that God has sent me great angels to help my mom and I to organize this special event in my life. God has once again proved to me how Great He truly is and how deeply He cares for me, especially for my mom.


“God, whom I serve with my whole heart in preaching the gospel of his Son, is my witness how constantly I remember you in my prayers at all times; and I pray that now at last by God’s will the way may be opened for me to come to you.”


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Moving On with God.

Sometimes, no matter how much we love a person, we must learn to let them go, no matter how painful and hard it is for us. For not only God has a better plan for us but also because maybe letting go of that person will help him find God.

It took me ages before finally realizing that fact, although it was very evident on the day my ex boyfriend broke up with me seven months ago. I should have turned to God instead of turning to Vodka; I am glad that it is not too late for me though. God is truly a forgiving and loving God.

Thanks to my friends and my mom’s friend for re-introducing me to the faith that I have long known but neglected. Now I am making a progress in moving on with my life, and better, moving on with my life alongside God. I have learned to forgive although I could never forget what my ex-boyfriend did to me, I do not mind it now. I consider it as a calling instead of a heart-breaking event; it has become my turning point to living a life closer to God.

To God be all the Glory and Honor!


Dear Love,

It is never too late to turn around and return to the arms of the ONE who loves you. So tonight I shall pray for you to find your way back and fall in love once again with… Him. I hope you find Jesus. God Bless you! ♥

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Prudence - or self-control; careful about one’s conduct; circumspect; to avoid offending one’s fellowmen and care in speaking; modesty and care not to boast of one’s exploits or intellectual prowess. Careful about one’s conduct; circumspect.

It is actually okay to talk about prudence and all those related things. But comparing yourself to another person is another thing, and to some people, it must not be done. Especially if you are comparing yourself to someone ten times more hardworking than you are. Ika nga nila in Filipino, “Okay lang mag yabang kung may ipagyayabang naman.” Why talk about other person’s prudence if you yourself do not have it? Or perhaps, sometimes you lose it? There really is no point in ranting about other people’s business and pulling them down through it. Does “CRAB MENTALITY” ring a bell?
Anyway, what I am only trying to say is that, we all do not have the right to judge other people and blatantly give a lecture in prudence if we, ourselves, lack it. It only proves how shallow, immature, judgmental and disrespectful you truly are.
Do a self-assessment first before jumping into conclusions. Life is full of motherfuckers, DO NOT add up to their growing population.

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