Well not long after I found out I passed the board exam, my parents, with the aid of my ever loving aunties, threw a celebratory party for me at our quaint Korean restaurant here in Antipolo. It was celebrated last night, November 30 and practically all my family members were there; for the first time in months we gathered together and had fun as a family.

But what really spiced up the event was that my darling hubby was there, together with his best friend, his mom (who also happens to be my mother’s bestest friend in the world), his dad and younger sister. One of my college BFF’s Abby, who was also a board passer, was also there with her boyfriend to join us in our Soju Night (as we call it).

To be honest, I never expected Mike to arrive as early as he did and with his family. He told me the night before that he’ll be commuting to get here, but instead he surprised me. When I went up to our resto, he hid behind a huge pillar as his baby sister welcomed and congratulated me by the staircase, then he emerged from his corner almost stunning me in surprise that I nearly dropped the bag of coffee I was holding… I just had to hug him tight.

When I handed him the coffee I promised to pick up for him, we caught a glimpse of our mothers through the glass wall giggling inside the restaurant, it was funny, exhilarating and surprising all packed in one moment. The happiness I felt, I find it hard to express in words but it is so great that I guess no word could have ever explain it anyway.

First photo shows yours truly in pink, my Mike hiding behind me in Blue, beside him is his best friend, Kuya Ipe. Seated next to Kuya Ipe is Abby my college BFF and beside her is my mother in-law.

Second photo shows Mac, Abby’s boyfriend, in white, seated next to Abby is my mother in-law, my auntie Esa seated behind me, seated behind her is my Uncle Nestor and next to Kuya Ipe in the back is my Auntie Mavel, also one of my moms’s BFF’s.

Last photo shows Mike and I with our mothers. Mine is the one wearing gray…yes, I know they look like they are just about Mike’s age. Err… LOL

The night ended really well, after spending the entire day at Trick’s Korean Resto, we moved the Soju Night in our house. Abby and her boyfriend had to go home early though. Oops, more photos! Haha!

We drank, sang a few songs in the karaoke, went to buy ice, Korean Spicy Noodles and drank; my in-laws went home shortly after that though, but Mike and Kuya Ipe stayed overnight, although Kuya Ipe went to sleep in our other house within the village, which gave Mike and I more time to bond and talk about our plans, to talk about us…

I feel really blessed to finally have an alone time with him after almost three weeks of separation.

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Almost End of Term

You’ve read that right, first term is about to end in a month or so and my stack of paper work is higher than ever. T.T But I really missed blogging so I thought I’d write something today. :) It’s been quite a while since I last blogged, and a lot has really happened in my offline life since I last posted. One was a break up, another is my week-long birthday celebration and more of internship stuff mostly.

The break up was okay, it’s nothing to feel remorseful about really. We remained good friends after it, and I’m sure it will do us both good, especially now that’s he’s starting a career, and of course I’m almost crawling to the college finish line. I felt bad about having to go through it again, but I guess we are not meant to be together at the moment… we’re not entirely closing our doors for each other, though.

Anyway, enough of the break up thinggy, after that incident I celebrated my 20th birthday with two awesome birthday celebrations. The first was on my exact birthday, September 11th. I only invited my really close friends for dinner in our Korean Restaurant and I must say that it’s the best birthday celebration I had so far. We just ate, drank and laughed all evening as we talk about the most random things and became quite nostalgic. I wish we could do that often, but I guess we live so differently now and have our own responsibilities and obligations in life now… Men, that sucks but I really wish one day we can get together every weekend or at least once a month to catch up on each other’s lives. That would be terrific. :D Oh pictures :D

The second celebration was in our house and it was meant for my students and classmates, but sadly only my good friends and one student of mine came. My mom’s best friend came too, which made the small party livelier. I got so drunk that night that I went totally blank. LOL I have never ever experienced that in my entire life, and I don’t think I want to do it again. Ha-ha!

With regard to my internship, I’m almost done with my 300 hours for this term. I am really looking forward to finishing it… it can really get stressful. Proof? I rarely get sick before… now it’s as if flu is a regular visitor. T.T Yeah, I’m really having a tough time getting through this semester, but I guess I’ll just have to do my best to get through my last year in college… I mean, how bad can it get right? :D

I’m trying to stay positive at all times, I guess that’s what was keeping me from breaking down entirely. LOL Well, that’s all for now. Hope to blog again soon. Ciao! :D

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God’s Will…

This morning my mom and I were talking about my eighteenth birthday celebration. We have agreed on a simple dinner party instead of a grand cotillion since we lack of budget. I was not disappointed or anything, I actually liked the idea since I am not much of a party lover. So I announced the news on Facebook by making a note and tagging my friends on it. But this afternoon, my aunts and my grandmother came to visit and they happen to talk about my upcoming eighteenth birthday and guess what? They volunteered to organize a party! :D

From what happened today, I have seen before my eyes how God worked through the people that surrounds me. He used them to organize the party that my mother have always wanted me to have on my eighteenth birthday. So you could just imagine the joy and relief that my mom feels right now. I am so thankful that God has sent me great angels to help my mom and I to organize this special event in my life. God has once again proved to me how Great He truly is and how deeply He cares for me, especially for my mom.


“God, whom I serve with my whole heart in preaching the gospel of his Son, is my witness how constantly I remember you in my prayers at all times; and I pray that now at last by God’s will the way may be opened for me to come to you.”


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