Starting a Weekend Routine

So Mike and I started this routine wherein we’d bond and have fun during weekends and last weekend was a blast.

It all started in the weekend wherein I celebrated my achievement of passing the boards, it was then followed by Soju Nights as we call it wherein we would chill at the veranda and drink soju. Sometimes we’d do it in our resto then we’d move it back home. We really liked it because we get to spend quality time with each other and we don’t just basically talk like boring people, we laugh and sing-a lot which brings us to our Soju Nights Jam series in SoundCloud.

I have a terrible voice but he has an exceptional musicality which makes the recording sound better than they actually are. The first song was recorded while he was driving, forgive the swearing and the weird way of talking that’s just us… LOL Here’s the playlist… more might be added soon.

Oh yes, photos from our soju nights…

Anyway, going back to Saturday, Mike came home at around mid-afternoon. He picked me up from the office and we headed for the waxing salon shortly after for my appointment. After the waxing salon we went home for a while to get changed then we headed for McDonald’s to have coffee and snacks then to the food bazaar nearby to support our restaurant, Trick’s Korean BBQ Resto.

It was a cool December evening, and we roamed around the bazaar a bit, drank a bottle or two of beer with my parents, assisted the customers a bit and listened to the orchestra that was playing that night. It’s nothing too special but we were happy… later that evening, we drove my parents home and then we went to Padi’s Point here in Antipolo and watched the Manila skyline as he drank beer and as I sipped on my margarita. Eventually we ordered some appetizers and we fell in love with the cheese and garlic pizza that until now, two days later, we’re still craving for it.

We have to cut our night short to pick up the guys from the bazaar and help them out in loading the equipment in the van, then we drove them home before we went on to have a little road trip. It was raining hard but I felt safe in the passenger seat as he drove… and that’s just it, we drove and drove as we talked.

We decided to go home at around 2:30 in the morning. We were so exhausted that we were fast asleep almost immediately. The following morning we decided to have breakfast at McDonald’s can’t just seem to get over their coffee float-my all time favorite beverage from McCafe. After that we decided to go to Trick’s and just hang out until late that afternoon. Hanging out with Mike is always fun, no moment is boring especially when he get all boyband-y. LOL To top it off, I cooked our lunch; Sundubu Jigae and I’m glad he liked it a lot and no he was not patronizing me just because I was the one who cooked it, he’s not the type of person who patronizes, he’s the frank type actually.

My parents came over shortly after we were done, then we all went home not too long after that to prep up for church. After church, we had dinner at Kimono Ken in Podium then coffee at Starbucks. I really wish the day didn’t have to end so soon, but I could say I was content…

Oh yes, we took loads of photos!

I never really thought that this weekend would be like this, I was honestly expecting it to be more-quiet and solemn as we wanted to have an alone time together-but it went better than we initially planned and we couldn’t be more happier. I am honestly having a hard time writing my thoughts about the weekend that have passed as I STILL cannot imagine the joy and delight that I felt was even possible and not only was I the only one who genuinely felt it but everyone in our families (yes, both sides) felt the same for us.

I have never seen my parents and my other family members this delighted and supportive over a guy I was dating. To be honest, Mike and I’s love story started and progressed faster than we have expected it would be. Our mothers, as I have previously mentioned were best of friends, even way before I was born and it just so happen that both Mike and I were single and our mothers thought that it would be best for us to start dating. But knowing the fact that one cannot fool himself by loving someone by force, we both chose to ignore our mothers’ desires. But little did I know that Mike has this secret crush on me even way before I got out of my previous relationship.

I could never believe that he felt something else when we started seeing each other during family gatherings in the past few months, most especially during his mother’s wedding. All the while we were thinking that it was only our mothers who wanted us to start a romantic relationship and although he likes me a lot, he thought that I would find it hard to accept him as a person for you see Mike is a decade older than I am, and apart from that he have a thirteen year old (and cool) daughter. But he is a very responsible person, very down to earth and is just very “natural” as people would say-there’s no hint of bogus in his personality which made me like him and eventually fall for him faster than I thought I would. I didn’t even think it was possible for someone to fall in love that fast, but I did-we did.

His entire being, including all his flaws and his extra baggage, made me love him more. As a person with excessive high hopes, dreams and expectations, I was suddenly brought down to reality and surprised myself at how satisfying contentment actually feels like with Mike. Acceptance, as people would often tell you, is such a hard thing to do, but my dears let me tell you that it isn’t. If the love you feel is true, all flaws are part of the entire package-to complete it, to make it real, to make it perfect despite of its imperfections.

Folks, there’s a lesson to be learned here and although it’s something most of you already know about, it is still needed be said.

My dears, love comes to everyone in the right time, right place, right moment but in the most unexpected way. You could never choose whom you will come to love, but you have to be open-minded, you have to be accepting and most of all you have to think about the people that means a lot to the both of you. Yes, it is right to say that the relationship is just between the two of you, but dearies always remember that your parents’ blessing is more important than your relationship. Luckily in our case, both sides are very at ease with our decision to venture into a romantic relationship, but of course not everyone is in the same situation but know this: if the person you love is the one everyone you care about and who cares about you would approve of it and they will be genuinely happy for you.

Recently, I was lost in an ocean of thoughts thinking about what good things I might have done to deserve such joy and I couldn’t think of any. It just proves that God must just love me so much that He brought me back to the surface to start believing in love, trust, family and to strengthen my faith in Him. I am lucky, very lucky to have found Mike… to have been given such a wonderful man; he did not only made me believe that love is real but he has also strengthened my faith more than I could ever believe possible.

Je t’aime du fond de mon coeur mon amour… Dieu nous bénisse!

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How I Started My December…

Kicked off my December waking up next to Mike… and it is one of the most amazing feelings ever. It’s as if I’ve awoken from a deep and long slumber… I felt alive again for the first time in years…

We spent the first few hours of the day running Sunday morning errands. First, we took Patrick to the doctor shortly after breakfast, did the groceries for our Sunday family lunch, went back home and had dad cook the things we bought. After lunch, we started drinking and then by late afternoon we started singing karaoke.

When the weekend was over, my parents took us out for lunch and I couldn’t believe what I heard and saw from them. I have never seen my parents that delighted to talk to someone I was dating, especially my dad, who was always so serious around other people, suddenly became goofy and funny. It was a wonderful and exhilarating feeling…

Here are photos!

We are definitely going to make more wonderful weekends!

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Well not long after I found out I passed the board exam, my parents, with the aid of my ever loving aunties, threw a celebratory party for me at our quaint Korean restaurant here in Antipolo. It was celebrated last night, November 30 and practically all my family members were there; for the first time in months we gathered together and had fun as a family.

But what really spiced up the event was that my darling hubby was there, together with his best friend, his mom (who also happens to be my mother’s bestest friend in the world), his dad and younger sister. One of my college BFF’s Abby, who was also a board passer, was also there with her boyfriend to join us in our Soju Night (as we call it).

To be honest, I never expected Mike to arrive as early as he did and with his family. He told me the night before that he’ll be commuting to get here, but instead he surprised me. When I went up to our resto, he hid behind a huge pillar as his baby sister welcomed and congratulated me by the staircase, then he emerged from his corner almost stunning me in surprise that I nearly dropped the bag of coffee I was holding… I just had to hug him tight.

When I handed him the coffee I promised to pick up for him, we caught a glimpse of our mothers through the glass wall giggling inside the restaurant, it was funny, exhilarating and surprising all packed in one moment. The happiness I felt, I find it hard to express in words but it is so great that I guess no word could have ever explain it anyway.

First photo shows yours truly in pink, my Mike hiding behind me in Blue, beside him is his best friend, Kuya Ipe. Seated next to Kuya Ipe is Abby my college BFF and beside her is my mother in-law.

Second photo shows Mac, Abby’s boyfriend, in white, seated next to Abby is my mother in-law, my auntie Esa seated behind me, seated behind her is my Uncle Nestor and next to Kuya Ipe in the back is my Auntie Mavel, also one of my moms’s BFF’s.

Last photo shows Mike and I with our mothers. Mine is the one wearing gray…yes, I know they look like they are just about Mike’s age. Err… LOL

The night ended really well, after spending the entire day at Trick’s Korean Resto, we moved the Soju Night in our house. Abby and her boyfriend had to go home early though. Oops, more photos! Haha!

We drank, sang a few songs in the karaoke, went to buy ice, Korean Spicy Noodles and drank; my in-laws went home shortly after that though, but Mike and Kuya Ipe stayed overnight, although Kuya Ipe went to sleep in our other house within the village, which gave Mike and I more time to bond and talk about our plans, to talk about us…

I feel really blessed to finally have an alone time with him after almost three weeks of separation.

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My Dream Wedding


I know it’s too early to be planning a wedding, especially when you agreed to a long term engagement. But what girl doesn’t make plans for her own wedding in the future whether she has a partner or not? Even nine year old’s do it, so I might as well share my vintage inspired wedding fantasy. Hihi! :)) But I won’t go as far as the cake flavor, the rings and the color scheme and all those little but too important details, because these things will definitely change, but I assure that the groom, the church, the gown and the hair will surely be the ones you’ll find in my future wedding photo. I’m going to be really idealistic on this post, but I swear I won’t hold on too much on them as to not disappoint myself. Ha-ha!

The Dress and the Look

le wedding gown. hair inspiration make-up inspiration

It’s funny that I even bothered to try and design my future wedding gown when I could have just Googled it in the first place. Saved me time and effort thinking of the design I want for my gown, plus it matches the vintage inspired theme that I have in mind. I really love this dress, basically because of its elegance and simplicity. It’s, if I must say, the perfect wedding gown for my wedding day. If you will notice there are two designs of the gown, the one on the left will be for the wedding ceremony, while the one on the right is for the reception. Don’t ask why I wanted two gowns on a single occasion, it’s going to be my wedding day so I guess I have the right to play princess. Ha-ha!

When it comes to hair-do’s and make-up, I always preferred the simple ones. I personally think that they’re more appealing than a foot high hair-do, and a bride’s face caked in make-up. I want my wedding look to be as simple as my daily look, only that it will been done professionally. I think simple things are what makes a wedding perfect, and the bride happy…well, if all brides think like me, that is.

The Wedding March
It has got to be “The Last Time” by Eric Benet. Le sigh. I guess I have all the reasons as to why I want to walk down the aisle with that song filling the air… I mean, after all I’ve been through in the past couple of years, I think I deserve to walk the aisle with this song. And if I really were to marry Mike then this song couldn’t be more perfect.

“As far as I can see, it’s only you and only me… this is the last time I’ll fall in love…” — or I shall never fall in love again. That’s constant.

The Church and the Reception Venue
I want a garden wedding since I was a little girl, but that changed at some point in my life, then reverted back to my initial dream and plan. Garden weddings are just as romantic as church weddings are, in my opinion, perhaps even more especially if you’re being wedded as the sun sets… I wanted that. The sunset, the cool night breeze building up, as you were looking into the eyes of the man whom you’d spend your lifetime with… it’s perfect. Right and perfect-if that’s even possible.

Tables, Flowers and Music

le table and flower le band

I’m not too picky when it comes to floral arrangement and tablecloth design, but I would love fresh white roses as the centerpiece of each table. Add to that a classic and elegant table set-up with a touch of a very light shade of pink, that would match the vintage theme I have in mind. I don’t want to be too particular, since I might find something better in the future, but for now I’d stick to the classic, elegant and simple table set-up like the picture above.

When it comes to my choice of music… uhm, I’d hate to break this, but I would definitely ruin the entire vintage, classic and elegant feel for a while because I wanted my favorite local band to play a couple of songs during my wedding reception, and that local band is non-other than Kamikazee. Yes, they’re those noisy, destructive and wild men that plays good music on stage, and I’d love to have them on my wedding; I’d personally request for them to play at least three of my favorite songs sung by them. Trust me, it would totally reek awesomeness and elegance but it will surely be one great hell of a night. But of course, I know I can’t have them all night, and I also know that there will be people (apart from old people) that would not enjoy their music much, or would not enjoy their music at all. So I’d definitely hire a good wedding singer that would play “Save the Last Dance for Me” and a couple of Beatles’ songs.


I’ll just have a “Concert” themed wedding… yeah, that sounds a lot better. haha

The Aftermath
When the reception is over, I’d just want to be in my jammys, sitting on a rooftop or under the night sky with my future husband holding a huge mug of coffee in our hands. I wanted our first night as a wedded couple to be as silent and serene as the night sky… I just want to watch the stars as we talked about the events that transpired throughout the day and laugh at all the flaws and shenanigans that happened…

And that’s the end of this wedding fantasy. Sorry for the long post… but I’ve been dying to write about this stuff in ages. Ha-ha! I hope you enjoyed reading it though.

Le Photo Sources:
Church - Gown - Hairstyle - Table Set-up - Flowers - Kamikazee Band

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Quand J’étais Chanteur

Sorry for the French title, but if you’re quite into films, especially French films you’d know that the title is from a French movie. The English title, if I am not mistaken, is said to be The Singer, or When I was a Singer. Meh. Sorry for the confusing information, so not an expert. :P The movie is written and directed by M. Xavier Giannoli and it stars Gerard Depardieu and Cecile de France, and yes, I watched the movie because I was fan girling over M. Depardieu. You can’t blame me though, he’s such a good actor, and his performance in the movie bagged positive feed backs from French movie critiques. It was even nominated in the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, and the main actors were nominated as best actor and best actress consecutively in the Cesar Awards that same year; the movie won Best Sound in the said competition.

The movie tells the story of a middle-aged, ballroom singer (Depardieu, as Alain Moreau) who fell in love with a younger woman (de France, as Marion), who happens to be working as an intern in one of his friend’s Real Estate company. The two met in one of Moreau’s gigs, and they had a one night stand, which Moreau cannot seem to get over with not only because she left him without even saying a word, but also because he was really attracted to her. Being friends with Marion’s boss, Bruno, he went to her office one day and asked Marion to help him find a house for him. The two eventually fell in love, but were hesitant to fully show and give what they feel and have for each other because of a lot of reasons and because of the different situations they were in.

It’s a really great film, if you’d ask me, and I’ve been looking forward to watching it for weeks since I have seen its trailer on YouTube. As a growing fan of Gerard Depardieu, I got curious so I tried to get my hands on a copy of it, and when I finally did, I eventually went gaga over it. The chemistry between Depardieu and de France was quite unexpected, but came out to be wonderful after all. Gerard Depardieu has that something in him that makes him suddenly match a random actress that plays alongside him in movies, and it’s really one of the factors that make a movie better.

Apart from the chemistry that both lead actors possess, another factor that swayed me to watch the movie was the music. I suppose that this is not the first time that Gerard Depardieu was seen and heard singing in a movie, but it’s definitely the first movie where he sang seriously. He has a soothing voice, typical deep male voice, but he definitely carried out his role as a singer throughout the entire film by performing well known French songs and giving new life into them. The song selection was really good, and my personal favourite song in the movie is “Save the Last Dance for Me”, a song which I admit I don’t feel like listening to in the past, but I learned to love and appreciate because of this movie. As a matter of fact the song has been stuck in my head for over a week now, and I’m really having a hard time trying to get it out of system. I also happen to really like the finale, which is Quand J’etais Chanteur, wherein Gerard Depardieu has surprised me with a powerful vocal ability at the latter part of the song. Gerard Depardieu proved himself to be really talented in this movie when he swept along the dance floor with Cecile de France. Cecil de France has also showed her flexibility as an actress and not only did she feature it, she also did it well.

The story progression was good as well, it was neither rushed nor slowed down, it went on smoothly and orderly, in my opinion. But it lacked character background, especially on the part of Cecile de France’s character. I personally find her character background mysterious, even if her personality shows that she was ironically a strong yet fragile woman. I yearn to find out more about her character, since the movie focused on Depardieu’s character background quite well. I feel that some part of the movie was cut during final editing because of this.

The movie ended well, and the director really made it a point that the audience hold their breath at the story’s ending. It was even heartbreaking at first, especially when the lead actors parted ways, but like a fairy tale, it ended happily ever after just when I thought that the credits would roll.

It’s really a great movie, and I highly suggest it to movie fanatics like me who are looking for something easy, simple yet magnetizing. It’s a movie with a very simple plot, typical as some might find, but it was beautifully and superbly told and performed.

Nota bene: All photos are all screen capped by moi. :)

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You’ll Never Know…

I still feel like crying after seeing the photo below early this afternoon.

Credit: Mr. Dennis L. Santos

You’ve probably saw it on the evening news tonight, the horrible accident that shook the entire town of Taytay, Rizal early this afternoon. A dump truck went out of control and eventually crashed into a police outpost, killing five people. I was with Abby in McDonald’s Valley Golf this afternoon having our lunch when it happened, and I’m not sure who told us of the news first, but her aunt sent her a message in Facebook asking for her whereabouts, apparently she heard of the news already (I don’t even know how, because she’s in Canada) and was worried for Abby. Our good friend Felice sent Abby a text message confirming the accident, telling us that she has been stuck in traffic for almost an hour because of it.

I was in a bit of a shock when we were informed of the news, because Felice and I were planning to go home early but I decided to stay in school because of school work and because I still have a class at 5:30pm. I was thinking of saving my money when people were desperate to save lives. What’s worse is while I was browsing through the updates of my friends in Facebook I saw the photo of the accident, and when I started browsing through all the photos, I found the picture above. I nearly cried, I’m sure if we were not in a public place I would have done it. The photo just made me worried of the owner of that school book, I was imagining an innocent little girl on her way to school. My heart sank at the thought of it, and what I saw on the news on my way home (I took the bus) made me feel even worse. The owner of the book was an 11 year old boy who was on his way to school; he was running late because he was asked to sell rags by his mother for his and his two other sibling’s allowance for the day.

The older sibling was interviewed, and she does not seem to display any sign of grief from the death of her younger brother. I felt really bad… and-I know it’s really weird but I was imagining myself as the older sibling… Perhaps I would have gone ballistic if that ever (but I do wish and pray to God that it won’t) happen to any of my younger brothers. Maybe the media won’t be able to talk to me either, but looking at the sister of the poor boy she was not even slightly tensed. :’(

I was literally trembling on my seat. I closed my eyes and uttered a short prayer for those who were killed, especially for that poor little boy. His death was, I guess, the most tragic among those who were killed… if you would look into this site, they have a photo of the boy-I don’t want to and I definitely can’t describe the photo, so just see it for yourselves.

My mom doesn’t have any idea about it because she was in Quezon City the entire day, but I told her immediately when she called me this evening. She told me what she would always say when things like this happen… “Never forget to utter a prayer wherever you are, because you will never know when you will be joining God.” . I hope everyone who would read this would also take at least a few seconds to utter a simple prayer for the people who went home to God today. God bless everyone and keep safe.

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When Attraction Dies, We Live in the Lies

I don’t believe that we are living a lie…

I hold on to the memories, those precious little treasures that we shared… the secrets, the stories and the things that we did together. I hold on to us, most importantly, because… I have to, and I have to because I want to.

Don’t think that I am falling out of love, because I am not. I am just going through a lot. The pressure from work, the problems with the publication, and some other personal crisis that I am sure you know of.

I apologize for being too stubborn, impatient and even vulnerable. I don’t really mean it. I don’t really want to hurt you, believe me… If I could do something, anything… to make up for everything, I would. But I can’t… I’m chained, as you know. Bound up to something for so long. I can’t break free, even if I want to, believe me I want to so that I could be with you. But I just can’t, although, I know someday I will be set free. I know you know what and who I am talking about.

I no longer want to apologize, it’s enough to apologize and explain once, because I’m tired of apologizing and doing the same thing again. It just does not make sense to me…

But I love you… would that be enough to make you stay?

if loving you is all I know don’t leave me in the cold, without you it’s not better without you nothing matters, nothing matters…

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Moving On with God.

Sometimes, no matter how much we love a person, we must learn to let them go, no matter how painful and hard it is for us. For not only God has a better plan for us but also because maybe letting go of that person will help him find God.

It took me ages before finally realizing that fact, although it was very evident on the day my ex boyfriend broke up with me seven months ago. I should have turned to God instead of turning to Vodka; I am glad that it is not too late for me though. God is truly a forgiving and loving God.

Thanks to my friends and my mom’s friend for re-introducing me to the faith that I have long known but neglected. Now I am making a progress in moving on with my life, and better, moving on with my life alongside God. I have learned to forgive although I could never forget what my ex-boyfriend did to me, I do not mind it now. I consider it as a calling instead of a heart-breaking event; it has become my turning point to living a life closer to God.

To God be all the Glory and Honor!


Dear Love,

It is never too late to turn around and return to the arms of the ONE who loves you. So tonight I shall pray for you to find your way back and fall in love once again with… Him. I hope you find Jesus. God Bless you! ♥

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