God’s Will…

This morning my mom and I were talking about my eighteenth birthday celebration. We have agreed on a simple dinner party instead of a grand cotillion since we lack of budget. I was not disappointed or anything, I actually liked the idea since I am not much of a party lover. So I announced the news on Facebook by making a note and tagging my friends on it. But this afternoon, my aunts and my grandmother came to visit and they happen to talk about my upcoming eighteenth birthday and guess what? They volunteered to organize a party! :D

From what happened today, I have seen before my eyes how God worked through the people that surrounds me. He used them to organize the party that my mother have always wanted me to have on my eighteenth birthday. So you could just imagine the joy and relief that my mom feels right now. I am so thankful that God has sent me great angels to help my mom and I to organize this special event in my life. God has once again proved to me how Great He truly is and how deeply He cares for me, especially for my mom.


“God, whom I serve with my whole heart in preaching the gospel of his Son, is my witness how constantly I remember you in my prayers at all times; and I pray that now at last by God’s will the way may be opened for me to come to you.”


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Moving On with God.

Sometimes, no matter how much we love a person, we must learn to let them go, no matter how painful and hard it is for us. For not only God has a better plan for us but also because maybe letting go of that person will help him find God.

It took me ages before finally realizing that fact, although it was very evident on the day my ex boyfriend broke up with me seven months ago. I should have turned to God instead of turning to Vodka; I am glad that it is not too late for me though. God is truly a forgiving and loving God.

Thanks to my friends and my mom’s friend for re-introducing me to the faith that I have long known but neglected. Now I am making a progress in moving on with my life, and better, moving on with my life alongside God. I have learned to forgive although I could never forget what my ex-boyfriend did to me, I do not mind it now. I consider it as a calling instead of a heart-breaking event; it has become my turning point to living a life closer to God.

To God be all the Glory and Honor!


Dear Love,

It is never too late to turn around and return to the arms of the ONE who loves you. So tonight I shall pray for you to find your way back and fall in love once again with… Him. I hope you find Jesus. God Bless you! ♥

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