Shawill Gorgeous Lipstick 002

I’m not sure if you’re aware of the fact that I’m not a big fan of cosmetics, but I do love red lipsticks! And recently I got this drugstore lipstick that I have come to really love.

It’s nothing new really, Shawill has been operating in the local market since 2008 and I have tried their eyeliners before. I am really picky when it comes to lipsticks, but I have come to really like this particular shade of Gorgeous Lipstick after my mother tried it out at Watson’s.

Here are photos.

IMG_4902 IMG_4904

So as you can see from the first two photos, the Gorgeous Lipstick‘s shade is 002 and it comes in a very elegant black and stainless case.

IMG_4909 IMG_4921

The color is a bit bright red and it’s texture, when applied is smooth, creamy and matte. It’s not too creamy that the color becomes too bright but just enough to know and feel that your lips are moisturized at the same time.

I usually put on Chapsticks first prior applying lipstick but I need not to do it on this one as it has natural moisturizers in it. It has, in fact, according to the label, Vitamin E and oxidant to nourish your lips. It also contain natural carotene which helps in prolonging the life and vibrancy, and with no heavy metal pigment added in the ingredient, it sure is gentle to your lips.

So here are photos of me sporting this awesome lip rouge.

IMG_4910 IMG_4920

Just click each image to enlarge them.

The first image is when I first applied it this morning, the second one is just a few minutes ago. I have been wearing it for no less than five hours already and it still looks good. I have actually eaten lunch already so I could say that its lasting time is relatively long and strong. The scent is sweet, but not too strong which is good in my opinion, since I’ve heard that too much fragrance in cosmetics is as bad as those that smells old and weird.

Personally, I would definitely recommend working women like me to purchase this lip rouge as it does not only last long and remains vibrant even after eating, but it’s also budget friendly. For less than P 200.00 you can already purchase this quality cosmetic. It lasts long so you would barely need retouching, and that means you’d be able to make it last longer in your make-up pouch as on your lips.

This is actually something working females would need; students on a budget would also find this product as good as far more expensive lipsticks and with its shade, it can be worn both at work or at a night out. Definitely something lipstick fans should consider purchasing.

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