Featured Profile

I was really surprised to have a couple of new foreign Twitter followers yesterday when I came home from church. I accepted their requests of course, but little did I know that my profile on was already featured. It took me about two hours to finally see their tweets about me and well, as usual when I get shocked and excited, I screamed like a little girl-literally. :blush:

So yeah, it rattled a couple of living things in this huge box and it may be a little embarrassing but I was just so in awe because I haven’t even accessed my profile for weeks! Plus, I was not sure I was even getting votes let alone enough to be featured, but I did and I am just really thankful.

I’ve received comments from people I don’t even know congratulating me and some were even telling me that they’re glad I was finally featured. And I was just like, “Wow!” there really are people reading my blog after all and some of them really liked what I write about. And although the comments were not that many that it floods my comment box on, still they’re something. Oh no, scratch that, that’s really something! :D

Thank you for all the people who commented, voted and liked my blog! I was honestly thinking of transferring this blog to my other domain because I cannot access it without a proxy, but with such honor, how could I ever do it? I might just stick to using proxies just to add some content. Cheers guys and Godspeed everyone! :D

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