{August 04, 2005}   I was sooo close.


All this week I have been calling for Jury Duty and with each day been greeted with a lovely computer generated voice telling that “No, you are not needed for jury duty today. Please call back tomorrow.”

I thought I was home free until I heard this message today when I called…

Please call back on Aug.5th @ 12:00 to 12:30 p.m. for further instructions.”

Wait the holy heck is that? In my experience, you are either called in or you get out of it for that day. I have never seen or heard this before? All I know is that greatly irrates me.

Note: I never did have to go to Jury Duty. They just make you call them back one last time to comfirm that you indeed finished your week of jury duty call ins. They also wanted me to send back the form the sent me as well.


{July 18, 2005}   Life without the ‘net sucks.

So after a week, I finally have my internet connection back up and running. It’s been a hellish week to get through. I never fully realized how much I rely on the internet. I use it everyday to check e-mail, check my bank account, listen to my i-Tunes, and visit all my dailes.

And when I couldn’t do that, I felt like a junkie without their fix.


{July 01, 2005}   Damnit this all to hell

I swear to God I will get this site working again.


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