Awesome Weekend Getaways

One of my high school best friends celebrated her birthday a little early this year. She took me and our other best buds in Enchanted Kingdom the weekend before the last, and boy, was it great! It literally rained on our parade that day, but we did not really mind, and instead we danced with it. Our first ride was the Hot Air Balloon thing, and that was where we got really soaked. It was really great though, and we played on the puddle like little kids after that before queuing to Rio Grande, where, once again we got extremely, and even more soaked. It stopped raining, and so we decided to dry off at the Flying Fiesta after Rio Grande, and that was probably the last ride everyone took. Except for me and three of my other friends who took chances at EKstreme, formerly known as the Condor. It was actually our first time, and it totally reeked the hell out of us. I literally could not feel myself on my seat anymore as the ride plunged down in a whim.

After EK we went back to the Birthday Girl’s place to spend the night. It’s actually my first time to sleep over with my three best buddies in the whole wide world, so it really made me excited despite of feeling a little tired from running around the amusement park all day. LOL We traded bunch of stories, mostly catching up about each other’s lives. I live way too far from them now so I did most of the talking that night LOL. We also watched a movie, fooled around and eventually fell asleep. The next morning we had breakfast, and continued with the life rants. haha!

Later that day we decided to watch a movie, but since it was getting late and I could not afford to stay long enough to watch a movie anymore, we decided to just roam around Cash and Carry and had a little chit chat over Quickly. It was just great being around my girls again. I have always known that I still have a home to go back to in Manila, and they have proven me right.

Well, that was last week! Let me tell you about my recent weekend.

Last Saturday, I joined Mac and his family on an outing. It was actually his dad’s Going Away Party, but I prefer to call it Bon Voyage. He’ll be leaving for UK in less than a month, and we will all definitely miss him. He’s such a great, funny and bubbly man. :) Now I know where Mac has gotten his humorous trait. ^_^

After the swimming party that his parents threw, we attended our good friend’s 21st birthday. I really had fun, but I had to go home early because I was not feeling well. Probably from the activities earlier that day, since we played a game at the resort and Mac and I swam like little kids. It was a really fun day, and I just feel so happy and blessed to have been spending the last two weekends with people I value and people that values me back-a lot.

Rarely do we find people who truly cares for us, and so we must not miss every single moment and chance that we are given to spend with them. Cheers!

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