I have been in the blogosphere since late 2005, starting off as a fan fiction writer in the WWE Fan Fiction Library. I used to own a site in Tripod, Angelfire and Geocities. Then I moved to Freehostia where I used FrontPage as a site creator. I blogged manually until I found a cool blogging site which name I honestly could not remember, but it’s definitely not LiveJournal nor Xanga, never created sites on those before. Until finally, I learned to code manually using HTML and CSS and got hosted on crashwithme.org.

I own Adrift11.co.cc and it is a successor site of Miss-Vindicated.com, Adorkable.ph.tc, Mianetic.Net and MiaVenus.co.cc. It has served as my main blog for quite sometime, until I purchased NowhereGirl.net last December 8th from my web host.

NowhereGirl.Net is actually taken from a song called “Nowhere Man” by The Beatles. I happen to really love the song so much, and I could definitely relate to its simple yet truthful lyrics. This blog now serves as my main blog, wherein I have gathered and re-posted my previous blog posts from some of my still active blog sites scattered over the net. I have here posts from my multiply site, Tumblr and Facebook notes. That means some of my old posts in the archive are written when I was still in my senior year in High School, yeah-ba! :D I also currently own and run StarKisses.net, it is where I feature my Ringo Starr and Gerard Depardieu fan fictions, and No-Rain.org, my secondary blog site. NowhereGirl.net is where I post my random rants, raves and thoughts.

Previous Sites

I’ve owned quite a lot of websites before, but I couldn’t remember most of them. But here are some of my sites that I CAN STILL REMEMBER I own, and I guess they’re still active. :)

  1. My First EVER Site - [Mia's Fantasies]
  2. Dazzling Illusions - [Clickie]
  3. Adorkable Princess V.1 - [Clickie]