Previous Themes

Here is the list of my previous themes. I’m very particular about the themes that I create and use for my sites since the day I first started to design and hand code my own themes. I enjoy making them though, no matter how time consuming they can be sometimes. Themes are arranged from latest to oldest, you may see a live preview by clicking the image.

Version 5.0

Blueberry Cheesecake theme. This theme is part of my theme’s collection called “Cheesecakes”.

Version 4.0

I wanted to make a new theme, and this is what it turned out to be. I’m not too happy with it so I had to have it replaced after one day. LOL

Version 3.0

I wanted something really simple and clean looking, so I came up with this clean theme. I decided to use the color pink just because it’s my favorite color, and to add a sense of cuteness to the site since the site name is a little melancholic. :)

Version 2.0

I really loved this second theme, especially making it. It’s I guess just an upgrade of the first theme. I mixed and match simple and light color tones and it ended up like this. It is where I first introduced the official Peace and Love logo of this site.

Version 1.0

The first theme was nothing really special, it’s just a simple light toned theme that I made and put up the exact day my domain was purchased and put up.