Le Fille

Name: Mia
Religious Views: Believer.
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
College: Finished Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in English
Occupation: Online English Teacher, Writer, Freelance Blogger and Web/Graphic Designer
Relationship: Engaged Mac Mendoza
Languages Spoken: Fluent in English and Filipino. A little of French, Spanish and Italian
Hometown: Marmalade Skies
Current Location: Strawberry Fields
Pen names: Emilia/Em Starkey, Miabear
Writing Fan Fiction Since: 2004
Designing Websites Since: 2005
Blogging Since: 2007

“Cosmetics is a boon to every woman, but a girl’s best beauty aid is still a near-sighted man”
- Yoko Ono - Lennon

In the broader sense…

I am known as Mia, both online and offline, and I don’t consider myself as human until I have put caffeine in my system and a Beatles’ song in my ear.

I am an English teacher by profession and it is way too far from my dream of becoming a pastry chef or a journalist, but I guess I won’t be needing to achieve those dreams anymore since I am engaged to a great chef named Mark Diel, and I have this blog to keep anyway. Might as well just let him do the kitchen work while I write, and wash the dishes afterwards instead.

I work for Iowa City Owl and I write for their tech section everyday and I am also an online English teacher to Japanese and Korean students. I am a frustrated writer and my job, this blog and its content are proof of it.

I also love capturing memories into photographs, but I am no photographer. I fancy monochromatic and vintage/lomo inspired photos, so you’ll probably see that most of my photos have that effect on them. I have a slight affection for old movies as well. Watching films is also one of my hobbies, next to that are reading, writing and listening to music while sipping a cold mug of coffee.

Music and Coffee are my company when I am in deep thinking or when I need to wind up from the anxiety and shenanigans of the real world. They soothe me every time, and I cannot recall a time when they let me down. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is my ultimate weakness. A bite makes me happy, a whole pack makes me insane.

I often listen to The Beatles, The Carpenters, The Hollies, Queen and The Monkees. The list goes on. Most of the time, people think that my choice of music is old, rusty and weird, but I guess music just have its way of connecting one generation to another and some people may never understand the joy it brings to people like me, or maybe I was just born in the wrong era. I’d like to think I was just born in the wrong time.

I love writing on this online journal, no matter how inconsistent I can be sometimes, and as ironic as it may seem, this is my way of keeping my life as private as possible.