About the Site

NowhereGirl.Net is actually taken from a song called “Nowhere Man” by The Beatles. I happen to really love the song so much, and I could definitely relate to its simple yet truthful lyrics. It has been my main blog since December 8th of 2011.

NowhereGirl.net is bought from and is being hosted by Misaki of Three-Words.net.

NowhereGirl.net is a personal blog that does not only contain my regular rants and raves about life but also my thoughts and reviews on books, food, travel, entertainment, events and beauty products. This site accepts any form of compensations such as cash advertising, paid insertions, and sponsorship, as long as it does not involve any obscene materials I’d take ‘em. :) Just send me an e-mail at mia@nowheregirl.net and I’ll get to you within 24 hrs or less. :)


I am neither Da Vinci nor Michael Angelo, I did not make everything in this site, so I definitely have some people to thank for, and that is why I have the credits section.

Hosting and Domain

  1. NowhereGirl.net is bought from and is being hosted by Three-Words.net since the December 08, 2011.

Programs and Softwares

  1. For my blogging tool, I am using WordPress, the latest version.
  2. And since I manually hand code my themes, I make use of Notepad ++
  3. I have always used Adobe Photoshop to make and edit the graphics I use for my site.
  4. For my FTP program, I am using FileZilla because SmartFTP became a pain in the neck.

The following people really helped me improve and enhance my coding skills:

  1. LissaExplains
  2. Mimi
  3. Georgie

WordPress Plugin Suggestions
While I was starting out in using WordPress I was totally clueless about the various plugins, but the following people were kind enough to post the plugins that they use on their sites and helped me make my blogging life easier.

  1. Karen
  2. Tin


  1. I made my smilies!

If I missed your site/name in my credits section, please inform me right away so I could give you proper credit. E-mail me at miavenus[AT]hellokitty[DOT]com, with CREDIT, in all caps, in the subject line, so I’d know you’re not spamming my inbox. :)