Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal


My besties and I took yet another trek in Daraitan, Tanay yesterday. It was the roughest trek I’ve been in so far, but it was worth it.

We started the trek at about 9:30 AM. The road was muddy, rocky, and slippery. All in all, it was a tough and rough one. But we were able to get through those with smiling faces. We trekked almost until lunch time till we decided to stop for an hour to fill our grumbling tummies.

IMG_0231 IMG_0240 IMG_0255 IMG_0251

Soon after, we went back on the ‘trail’ to get to one of the caves. And mind you, the way gets even more difficult, I was even worried how I’d still make it home later on that day. LOL

IMG_0267 IMG_0270 IMG_0273 IMG_0278 IMG_0286 IMG_0296 IMG_0306 IMG_0308

This is actually my first time to be inside a cave, and it’s far different from what I have imagined nor seen at the movies. It was actually better than I have expected and oh, the water was oh so cool but you don’t feel chilly afterwards. I never knew that bathing inside a cave could be this awesome.

IMG_0310 IMG_0314

IMG_0333 IMG_0347

IMG_0349 IMG_0369

Nearly an hour later, we found ourselves climbing out of the cave and walking the trail home. But we made a pit stop by the river where we bathed again.


Once we’re back to the town proper, we decided to grab some late afternoon snack at a local restaurant before heading back to my bestie’s parent’s place to shower and prep up to go home.
I couldn’t imagine this day going any other way. This experience has definitely boosted my confidence; there is definitely a sense of achievement in completing a total of 4-5 hours of trekking.

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