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Licensed and Rocked Out

The big news finally came out last Saturday evening, that was November 23. I am now a LICENSED teacher. I couldn’t be more happier and to treat myself, my good friend (and fellow board passer *wink wink*) May and I went to a rock show the following evening in Sucat.

Well, the rock show was actually already a plan even way before the board result came out but knowing that we are licensed professionals made the rock show feel really special.

So anyway, five of the country’s coolest rock bands played. Jejaview started the night with a refreshing sound, it was actually my first time to hear them play but they were really awesome and the band members were really nice and friendly, especially the bassist. (ehem May ehem) haha!

The second band that played was Wilabaliw and if I am not mistaken (and if you don’t know it yet) their bassist is also the bassist of Greyhoundz and their vocalist is from Queso. So yeah, they reek awesomeness! They were followed by Valley of Chrome, the band whom I consider as my teacher in listening to screamo music.

Chicosci came up next and they played longer than the first three bands. Their set was funny and quite hyping but nothing and no one is more hilarious than the guys of Kamikazee who had their first acoustic gig that night. They were amazeballs and comical that even if they were playing longer than they should the crowd still wanted more of them. Oh and yes, we took loads of pictures too! 😀

It was another exhilarating experience. I just love being in a rock show, I love hearing the great music reverberating, almost shaking the grounds, I love the playful lights and the crowd who are passionate about the music and the artists.

But nothing feels more exhilarating than knowing that someone is waiting for you to get home after a long night. Le sigh. I hope to be in more rock shows before this year ends…


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