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Hey there! I just updated the site’s theme design as I have been in the mood to code these past two evenings. I have been quite busy and lazy these past few weeks due to managing the family business and because I have also been quite busy with preparing for job interviews.

I recently just got interviewed for an online English tutorial company and just this morning I started with my training. The students I would be handling would be Japanese and the job is home based; it’s more of a part time than a real job, but who knows? I might do it full time once I’m officially accepted and once I find it more fun than managing my mom’s Korean restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, I love the people I work with in the restaurant, but I really want to do something in my line of profession, and I just feel so blessed for having been given the chance to be interviewed and trained for an online teaching job.

To be honest, a home based job is my ideal job. I personally think that I might start making a career out of it, perhaps a more successful one than teaching in a regular school. Plus, it does not require that I prepare loads of teaching materials and lesson plans as the lessons are already provided by the company and all I have to do is to basically teach what’s on the lesson plan. I can also save quite a lot of money with this type of job since I won’t need a transpo and food allowance for it.

Anyway, my early days in the restaurant were not really too interesting except for the loads of bonding with some of my college friends that took place. In the past month, Mac and I have been seeing each other less frequently than we used to since his job is making him busier than ever, but despite of it, he tries to make up for everything in just a short span of time.

Last Sunday he took me out at a local cafe to have coffee, snacks and shisha. There’s really nothing much to say about our time together last Sunday as we only talked about the most random things we could think of, but we had so much fun, I can vouch for that. Here are photos. 🙂



Mac and I also celebrated our 31st month together last April 24th and he took me out for brunch at a local dessert place. 🙂 To be honest, the dessert place called “Coffee and Crepes” wasn’t really worth what we paid for. Mac and I were expecting that their crepes and beverages would be decadent, enticing and indulging-but they were not but enticing. Their plating was good, but the flavors are sort of divergent… they just separate instead of blend, but we still cleared our plates… or he cleared mine, unwillingly paid for the “food” and went to Mini Stop immediately to enjoy Chills, Mogu Mogu and Mini Stop Burger Steak. Here are photos:

Apart from those, Mac also cooks for me whenever we see each other. I love having him around, talking to him… he’s more than just a fiance, he’s my best friend.

Unexpected turn of events made me realize even more that he really does look out for me especially with my other friends who wants me to join them into doing unfaithful things… it’s too much to elaborate here, but there are just some people who doesn’t understand what respect means yet they’re all seeking and expecting it from other people.

Anyway, I’m just glad to have Mac around. I’m not even slightly frightened to lose a bunch of people who doesn’t even look out for me and for my well-being at all.

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