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Life After College

Nota Bene: This is part 2 of the two-part blog post about my life after graduation. 🙂

Well it took me longer than I expected to write this follow-up post and waiting for Mac to wake up is actually what made me continue writing this two-part post. Anyway, here’s another long and photo-spammed post.

My Brother’s High School Graduation

My younger brother graduated from high school last Sunday, March 24. The commencement exercises were held at the Henry Lee Irwin Theatre in Ateneo de Manila University and at that moment I swear I can feel tears forming in the corners of my eyes. I am so proud of my baby brother, I wonder if he knows even if I bully him all the time. 😛

But the total tearjerker moment was when they were singing their grad song which was The Climb by Miley Cyrus. I know it’s nothing to cry about, but when you see your baby brother all grown up, playing guitar like a Beatle on stage and feeling his guitar solo like it really was his moment, that changes everything.

After his graduation ceremony we went to Eastwood to eat dindins at T.G.I.F and then afterwards to Dencio’s to grab a couple of beers. I am extremely grateful of my younger brother, I really wish he knows that. ^_^

BFF Pays a Visit

Last Monday, Mac brought home a box of pancakes and a bar of Meiji Black dark chocs for moi. Then later that day, after pigging out for hours over a marathon of Family Guy season 3, he accompanied me and my mom to the salon where we had our nails done, had a foot spa and got my hair trimmed. It’s nothing too special, really, but I do appreciate Mac’s presence in the salon with us and he even helped me pick my nail color, which was a very cute shade of baby pink. 🙂

The next day, my high school best friend, Gel came over to visit with her cousins. They ate at our restaurant for lunch and although our time was fairly short, I still had fun and was grateful that she made an effort to come over. After lunch, we bought ice creams at the Korean grocery store nearby before they finally bid me good bye.


Later that afternoon, one of my best friends from college came over. I asked her to go to our restaurant instead; we discussed the things that we’re going to bring to our night swimming party, which we never pushed through despite of the reservations I made. I still had fun though, I love having Lucille around. 🙂

Stuff Arrives in the Mail

Just when I thought they were never coming for another month, my purchases from arrived in the mail last March 27th. Along with this was the item I chose from Marinella‘s giveaway last February, which was a brown/bronze (whatever) rounded sunglasses that was very nostalgic. 🙂 I have also purchased a pull-over, for when I decide to jog again, and two more sun glasses. Hooray for rounded and cat’s eye! 😀 I think I’m starting to really like sunglasses again lately.

Breakfast with Mon Cher

Well during that same day, I cooked breakfast for my one and only, darling, Mac. It’s been really been a long time since I last cooked for him and I just love the look on his face when he started digging in as if it was his last meal. I was never really fond of cooking, although I have always wanted to, I was just always never given the chance to do so. I just cooked an omelette with tuna, cheese and milk, the one which I was very fond of while growing up, and he actually liked it. I can really tell when he doesn’t like the food, for one because he’d be vocal about it, another is his facial expression. He was never the kind of person who sugar coats criticisms, he just goes straight to the point, and I was just relieved when he said the omelette is perfect. Sometimes, it’s the little things like that approval and compliment that makes everything worth thriving for-in my case, cooking.

Later that afternoon, we took my baby brother, Patrick, to the grocery store with us to buy our afternoon snacks. We decided to settle with ice cream and cookies, and man it was heavenly. If heaven has a taste, it’s definitely ice cream with cookies. LOL Okay, so I’m exaggerating, but hey! I’m a huge cookie and ice cream fan! 😉

Happy Birthday, Dad!

By the end of the month of March, we found ourselves in our first summer outing as a family. It was my step dad’s birthday, and he decided to celebrate it at some local resort with the entire family and some of his employees. Mac and Lucille were present too, as they are considered as family as well.

It was fun. It was scorching hot, but the food was great, the water fine and there was a working Jacuzzi, so it was fun. We played some games too like Easter egg hunt for the kids, since it was actually Easter Sunday, we played bring me and some other parlor games. We had loot bags for the kids, which made the adults protest a bit. LOL Ooh! And did I mention that Lucille brought home-made chocnuts? Oh yes she did and it was heavenly. ^_^

I bought dad his cake because everyone thought he was too old for blowing candles, but I had a very different opinion about birthdays, so I took the initiative to buy him a cake before we had lunch. I took Mac and Lucille with me and my aunt was kind enough to accompany us to the nearest Red Ribbon outlet.

When we got back, I had dad blow the candle and the swimming party went on till late in the afternoon.

Well, that’s it-for the month of March. I still have a lot of stories to tell for the first two weeks of April. But for now, I’ll let this post sit here for a while. I’ve been very busy lately, and I think I might have just found a new passion and interest. So keep coming back! ^_^ Will blog hop again tomorrow evening 🙂

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